Hays Fire Crews Act Quickly on Windy Friday

A cigarette butt, inadvertently thrown on a windy day, brought the Hays Fire Department to the Pheasant Run restaurant, 3201 Vine, just after 2:30 p.m. on Friday.

Fire crews used foam to break down the surface tension on a burning landscape timber. The fire, which could have spread in the high wind, was extinguished quickly

This is reminder for those who smoke. Be extra careful on windy days.

  • anne

    Maybe smokers shouldn’t be allowed to litter?

  • Hays Resident

    I think they should start issuing people $100+ tickets when people throw out cigarette butts

  • LOL

    Aren’t you NEVER supposed to throw smokes out the window…not just on a windy day?

  • Firefight

    These firemen deserve a raise for the outstanding work they did today. That concrete parking lot was only 1 or 2 more cig’s away from going up in smoke.

  • haha

    Yeah yeah yeah its always a cig.

  • kasey

    I think it is hilarious that I am an employee at Pheasant Run and the fire was called into us by a person driving by. Thanks to that gentleman. However, a co worker extinguished the fire LONG before the police even arrived. But KUDOS to Hays fire dept. for the quick response and putting the fire out. LOL I would like to actually give Kudo’s to the guy who called us and the quick response of the pheasant run employees!