Portrait Studio Out of Business

Picture me portrait studio inside Walmart, 4301 Vine

Picture Me Portrait Studio inside Walmart, 4301 Vine

The Picture Me Portrait Studio inside Walmart is closed. CPI of St. Louis, Missouri owns the business and 1300 similar locations across the nation. All the locations are closed and the employees will not be returning to work.

Jennifer Gray, former studio manager for the Hays Location, told Hays Post, “We were told not to come back to work, there were financial problems, they were behind on rent and they asked us not to communicate with customers.

The Hays and Salina locations had two employees each. The store in Great Bend had four employees.”

Gray said that there were 40 or more customers who would expect to receive portraits and that Walmart would ultimately receive the photos. However, Cindy, a Walmart Co-Manager in Hays, told Hays Post, “I know the location is closed but we have heard nothing official from corporate on whether or not we will receive any portraits for the Picture Me Portrait Studio customers.”

  • no surprise

    with the army of ” I have a digital camera and the world is my studio , here is your cd, that’ll be 50 bucks” fauxtographers everywhere this really comes as no surprise

  • dan

    Yeah, because when I think of high quality photography, WalMart portrait studio is the first thing that comes to mind.

    • paula

      You obviously never seen the work of the 3 studios mentioned in this article.

      • hmmm 2

        Learn to speak proper english Paula.!!

      • dan

        No doubt they’ve won all sorts of major awards.

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  • GARY

    and the employees didn’t have 60 days notice?

  • crystal

    They did not even inform employees, most found via fb! No such notice at all

  • paula

    To the person who felt Walmart didn’t offer great quality you obviously never seen the work of the three studios mentioned in this story. I had 8 years experience along with the managers in Hays and Salina. This.was a company owned and operated for 60 years and cause people with no training but a fancy camera call them selves a photographer. And ya its terrible I found out my studio closed from a customer and former employee that my studio was no longer open and then I had to contact my employee who was allready in the store and let her know we were jobless.

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