Opinion: Huelskamp Speaks at Hutchinson

Submitted by R.D. Fry

Tim Huelskamp was the guest speaker at the Patriots Freedom Alliance monthly meeting on Tuesday April 2, 2013 in Hutchinson KS. His speaking was more of a pretext for the good members of the PFA to present him with an award for and to express their sincere appreciation of the Congressman’s steadfast support of conservative principles.

I was invited to the event and under orders from the Patriot Coalition’s (PC) National Director to attend. The PC has been following the Congressman since his opposition to the citizens detention provisions of the National Defense Authorization Act of 2012. He was only one of a handful who did so. The only Congressperson from Kansas to do so.

Congressman Huelskamp spoke sincerely but frankly about the situation he faces in (and we face from) Washington. I think for the most part he simply confirmed what most Kansans already know at some level. One could not help but feel his frustration and perhaps a hint of sadness.

The Executive Branch is not letting Congress know about what it is doing militarily. Imagine your Congressman having to find out from the news that the U.S. military was attacking Libya. Imagine the Executive not telling Congress if it had active military excursions into other areas of the world. Imagine its refusal to explain why it has purchased 1.6 billon rounds of operational (versus training) ammunition for homeland use over the last two years. (This is over a three hundred year supply.) Then there are the fiscal issues…very, very big fiscal issues.

As most informed patriots know Congressman Huelskamp paid a price for defending our Bill of Rights and being a fiscal hawk. He along with three other Congressmen were removed from their key committee appointments by Republican House Speaker Boehner and his henchmen. The only common factor between Huelskamp and Justin Amash (Michigan), Walter Jones (North Carolina) and David Schweikert (Arizona) was that they all have resisted the citizen detention provisions of the NDAA and they are all fiscal hawks.

Before the elitists / globalist Republican leadership started to recreate the GOP in a “moderate” image these were key principles of Republicans. Now they are key principles of conservatives but the Republicans are quickly abandoning them. The GOP’s new motto might well be reflected in Boehner’s statement “we are sent here not to be something, but to do something…” Apparently they are not sent to be “conservatives” but to comprise conservative principles.

I think the PFA and the Big One Tea Party of Hays as with most First District citizens are proud that Congressman Tim Huelskamp does stand and stand steady for something called conservative values. One could feel the admiration and pride coming from the crowd Tuesday.

Since the NDAA 2012 was passed Huelskamp and only a handful of Congressman have sought to fix these unconstitutional provisions that eviscerated over half of the bill of rights. He made our list. I was proud to present him with an certificate which read:


For upholding your oath of office to defend the Constitution of the United States,
for consistently voting against attacks on the Bill of Rights, for defending free-market principles and fiscal responsibility, and consistently demonstrating the admirable character traits of a true sun of liberty in the face of ongoing intolerable acts.

For the sake of Liberty,

Richard D. Fry
General Counsel
Patriot Coalition

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