Meeting on Self Regulation Tonight

Midwest Energy is holding an important meeting tonight in Hays.

The meeting is to inform the community about the upcoming  vote of Midwest Energy’s 49,000 customer-owners in May to become self-regulated, returning most decision-making authority from the Kansas Corporation Commission to its member-elected Board of Directors.

Midwest Energy has mailed informational brochures to inform its members on self-regulation, and is hosting a series of member meetings to discuss it in the coming weeks.  Tonight’s meetings will be held in: at 6:30 p.m. at the Robbins Center at Fort Hays State University.

Midwest Energy

  • Hays

    I’ll be anxious to hear what MWE says about this. Typically, when the regulatory agencies are removed from the picture, consumers see an increase in prices. The prices are already outrageous.


    Vote NO. I was told by several MWE employees that this will only cause our electricity to rise. VOTE NO!

  • Uncle Thomas

    “Self-Regulated”…sounds to me like the “fox guarding the chicken house”!

  • ???

    MWE is a cooperative so its essentially owned by its customers. They do not try to turn a profit, the just try and charge enough to cover expenses but money that is made us turned into Capital Credits which is like stock in the company that can be collected some time in the future or upon your death your heirs will collect but its usually a minimal sum. Self regulation will actualy save money. Its to bad the people that posted comments ahead of me don’t understand cooperatives.

  • Blind r

    “I was told by MWE employees….”.

    BS. I’m guessing those employees have no clue. Why would it raise rates when you remove a layer of bureaucracy?

    Think about it. Like any other business, some employees either act like they know while they know nothing.