KDA Moving Offices

rodmanKansas Secretary of Agriculture Dale Rodman announced today  the Kansas Department of Agriculture will move the majority of its offices to Manhattan, Kansas, in summer 2014.

A constitutional agency, KDA will maintain its main administrative office in Topeka but will move the majority of its programs to Manhattan, where Rodman said the agency can capitalize on synergies with Kansas State University as well as with other agricultural and bio-science entities located in Manhattan.

In addition, the department will maintain current field offices in Stafford, Stockton, Parsons and Garden City.

The department’s new building, which will be built by the KSU Foundation, will complement the K-State 2025 master plan to enhance the research corridor. Secretary Rodman said the new facility will afford the department the opportunity to work closely with many nationally and even globally recognized and trusted subject matter experts on scientific and economic research.

“Manhattan is the value-added center for agriculture. Locating the Kansas Department of Agriculture adjacent to the state’s land grand university, the National Bio and Agro-Defense Facility and other agricultural, bio-science and natural resource entities will establish KDA as a pillar in the KSU Foundation Research Park and enhance the overall effectiveness of the department, ” said Rodman