Ready or Not, Vine Street Reconstruction Begins Today

Today work begins on the $1,049,000 reconstruction of Vine Street in Hays from 22nd to 13th.

Assistant Public Works Director John Braun said the project is  similar to the work done in 2011 from 27th to 22nd Street.  There will be only one lane of traffic in each direction, and left turns will not be allowed in the construction zone. The work is scheduled for completion in July.

  • oh no

    I am not looking forward to all the idiots tyring to make left handed turns :(

  • stonedigger

    The project is posted for NO Left Hand Turns. It is up to the City police to enforce this.

  • MALK

    I was behind 2 cars that made left hand turns this morning right in front of the No Left Turn sign posted to get into Holy Family. We’ve known for weeks that this was going to happen, you would think they could have replanned their route. Some people just don’t think that rules apply to them unfortunately.