KHAZ Country Music News: Brad Paisley Explains Why He Named His New Album, “Wheelhouse”

khaz brad paisley 20130308Brad Paisley lifted the title of his new album, Wheelhouse, from a line in his latest #1 hit, “Southern Comfort Zone,” which is all about getting out of your wheelhouse, or your comfort zone.  As he continued working on the new project, Brad became taken with that concept.

“I started thinking about that as a thing that encompassed what I was trying to do,” Brad explains, “which was the comfort zone being the strike zone — the area where you’re at your most effective.  And our goal with this album was to challenge what is that and to figure out if I can operate outside of that.  ‘Cause I would have never been comfortable doing some of these things early on.”

Brad is referring to the experimentation with new sounds and recording methods he used while making the album. As he continued working on the project and explored the world outside of his proverbial wheelhouse, he decided that particular word would be a great album title.

Says Brad, “”I love that term, ‘wheelhouse,’ and I don’t think there’s been any albums called Wheelhouse.  That feels like, you know, it should have been an REO Speedwagon album or a Van Halen album.  You know, the new album from Van Halen, Wheelhouse!”

Wheelhouse also includes Brad’s latest single, “Beat This Summer,” as well as collaborations with everyone from Dierks Bentley and Hunter Hayes to rapper/actor LL Cool J and Eric Idle of Monty Python fame.  The project hits stores April 9.

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