Updated Registered Offender Map and Relocations

March Registered Offender Map for Ellis County and update on offenders that  have moved during the month.

The registry of offenders is compiled by the Kansas Bureau of Investigation and lists the names, offenses, and addresses of Kansans convicted of certain sexual, violent, and drug crimes. Click on the map for a closer view.

The registry includes information about offenders who committed crimes after April 14, 1994.

Three type of offenders are listed in the registry: sexual, violent and drug offenders.

There are a wide range of crimes that can land someone on the registry. For instance, someone might have to register as a sex offender for crimes such as prostitution, sexual battery or rape.

Violent crimes that can require registration include such crimes as murder, kidnapping, or an assault with a deadly weapon.

Drug crimes that require registration can include drug manufacturing, selling or possession of certain substances.

The KBI map indicates all registered offenders in the Hays area

The KBI map indicates all registered offenders in the Hays area

Offender Registry Types

Offender Registry Types

  • Me

    This is something that should always be posted so everyone is aware of it! Thank you!

  • sad

    I think it is tacky that the pictures have been added with their information. People have access to that information if they are looking for it. Shame on you Hays Post!! Unfortunately, these people’s situations are not being posted along with the charges and the registry. Typically the people who aren’t on the registry are the people who everyone should be worried about. They aren’t monitored.