Schwaller: The Water Belongs to Everyone

Following a presentation at Thursday’s commission meeting on the water release from Cedar Bluff, Hays City Commissioners discussed the hard work required to make the difficult decision to request water from the artificial recharge pool.

City Manager Toby Dougherty reminded commissioners that the city has had the legal right to ask for the water since 2004.

City Commissioner Henry Schwaller emphatically told the panel, “Russell owns that water!  It is their water and it is not owned by Trego County, it is not the property of WaKeeney!  The residents and citizens of Russell bought and paid for that water! It is theirs and nobody else. The United States Government built that reservoir. The water does not belong to a particular community it belongs to everyone.”Cedar Bluff water release

  • Thats Great

    As a business owner in Hays I appreciate the fact that one of our City Commissions just pissed off the residents of Trego County and Wakeeney with such stupid comments. 10 to 15% of my business is done in that county, until now. Way to be a good neighbor Mr Schwaller!!!

  • dan

    Wait, you said Russell owns it, and then you say nobody owns it. So which is it? Or do you just like talking out of both sides if your mouth?

  • Blind r

    Agree with PP’s. Stupid comment and typical gum flapping.

  • conserve first hays

    Russell owns 2000 acre feet per year. Hays deserves NONE until the town reaches its highest conservation level. Folks in Ellis and Russell cannot water outside at all. Hays should do the same before any water from Cedar Bluff is released.

  • Jr.

    This is just the tip of the iceberg in the fight for water.