Police Check Overnight Gunshot Reports

Hays Police had two reports of gunshots overnight. According to Hays Police Lt. Brandon Wright, “The first  report came from the 400 Blk of W 5th at 12:09 AM.  Multiple officers arrived in the area and at the time reported they heard the noise as well, and they thought it possibly sounded like fireworks. The second was from the area of 15th and Hall at 1:43 AM.  In both cases officers checked the areas but did not find the source of the noise or anything suspicious.”police.jpg





  • Retired

    Probably a 21 gun solute celebrating investigator Lovewell’s retirement.

    • dslfkjsdflkj

      Haha, yeah i imagine everyone was so very sad to see him go.

  • College ghetto

    It was green fireworks. I saw it outside my apartment window last night. On 7th.