Hays Students to State Science Fair Today

science-color1Thirteen Hays High students competed at the FHSU Regional Science and Engineering Fair in February.  Nine of the students qualified for the Kansas State Science and Engineering Fair to be held in Wichita today and Saturday. One student from TMP-Marian also qualified. The State qualifiers and their projects are:

Ben Morley —— How Does Drag Affect Swimmers?

Kinsey Ackerman —— Does the average height and weight of the couples affect how far they made it in the competition on “Dancing with the Stars”?

Kayla Hitchcock & Nicole Dinkel —— How do energy drinks affect crickets?

Madison Prough & Morgan Klaus —— How do different heights of high heeled shoes affect the pressure on your foot?

Kacie Brous —— What are some ways to help your nail polish dry faster?

Nikki Vuong & Kacie Engel —— Does the Amount of Time a Flat Iron is on Horse Hair Change the Amount of Focus Required to Break the Hair?

Russell Krug of TMP-Marian—–Determining Satellite Speed and Altitude Using the Doppler Effect


  • Tyler Clark

    Hope they go all the way to ISEF!