• Uncle Thomas

    When will we know how much the concrete in front of city hall cost the taxpayers? At one point there were like 13 city vehicles parked on main st and 14 city workers on the project. What aggrevates me is why the one guy shared a ride and didnt drive a city vehicle :) ? They should have closed main street and called it a block party. Then we had supervisors and a guy in a suit with a stocking cap on (stocking cap did not match the buy one get one free suit). I wish we could post pics…I have really nice pics of the cluster. There were so many workers I just hope no one was buried in the concrete. Days prior to and post pouring of concrete we had workers there… man hours x wages + benefits + parked equipment…could be a million dollar project. I have not been back there maybe be one or two workers watching the concrete cure.
    My guess all the commissioners will have missed this expensive action.