Gun Rights Advocates Winning in Topeka

The Kansas Senate has approved a bill expanding the number concealed carry
of public buildings where concealed weapons are allowed and letting public
school and college employees carry concealed firearms.

The 35-5 vote Wednesday sends the measure to the House.

The bill backed by gun-rights advocates comes as federal officials consider new
gun-control measures following a deadly mass shooting at a Newtown, Conn.,
elementary school in December.

The House already has approved its own version of the same measure, allowing
local school boards and state colleges to designate employees to carry concealed weapons.

Also, state and local governments couldn’t prohibit holders of state
concealed-carry permits from bringing their weapons into public buildings unless those places had security measures. Officials would have until 2018 to get those security measures in place.

  • Uncle Thomas

    Will USD 489 address the issue or play ostrich?