Brownback Sees Gay Marriage As Settled Issue In Kansas

Government anti gay

AP – Gov. Sam Brownback still supports a federal law against gay marriage that he backed as a member of Congress and says the issue is settled in Kansas because of the state constitution’s ban.

Brownback faced questions Thursday from reporters with two cases on gay marriage before the U.S. Supreme Court. Brownback has long supported the traditional definition of marriage.

In one case, the high court is being asked to strike down a gay-marriage ban in California enacted by voters. The other case is a challenge to the federal Defense of Marriage Act of 1996.

Brownback voted for the federal law while in Congress.

He said the issue is resolved in Kansas because in a 2005 election, nearly 70 percent of voters approved a state constitutional amendment banning same-sex marriage.

  • Uncle Thomas


    • Gomer

      Rhymes with Gay Men…what a coincidence


    any thing king brownback is for ,then, i”m against

  • Chris

    The ‘traditional’ definition? How far back does “traditional” go? Back to when is was illegal for blacks to marry whites? There are some backwards people in this state.

  • hmmm 2’re a pathetic worm..

  • Brownbackastan land

    I can’t believe how judgemental the things in this issue are. This isn’t the 1800s oh wait this is Kansas. I am ashamed of anyone who agrees with this.

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  • gay forum

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