Watch Senator Roberts Slams Healthcare Law, Refers to Hays

Senator Pat Roberts Slams President’s Healthcare Law and refers to a recent stop in Hays (2:23 of the video.)

  • kansas hunter

    Hays Kansas America is mentioned at 2:23 in the video, not 2:43. Get yur facts correct, if you don’t it kills your credibility. Hays Kansas America…… I think he has seen too mant weilert commercials

  • curious george

    yea – that 20 second disparity could bring down the entire company! geeesh, easy hunter.

    Now – not to stir it up, but really…. what has this career politician Pat Roberts done for Hays, KS. or western Kansas for that matter, in the last ten years ?? Anything?


      Nothing and now he’s playing just to the tea party just to stay in office

  • Hank Hill

    Old and out of touch.Career politician who’s riding the wave to retirement.