Overcrowding and Safety Issues Plague Ellis County EMS Building

ems cpr trainingEllis County EMS has outgrown its Hays headquarters in a building purchased in 1990.
There’s not enough room for the 40 total employees, student trainees, 8 emergency vehicles, EMT living quarters, patient transport records, training equipment, medical supplies, and office supplies.
“Our fifth ambulance and mass casualty trailer are parked in another building  for which we pay $800 a month rent, ” says EMS Director Kerry McCue.  “We have to go to a third building to retrieve patient transport records.”
State law requires ambulances and similar vehicles be parked indoors.
A half-cent county wide sales tax will be voted on May 14 which would in part, fund a new combined EMS/Rural Fire building.

“With Rural Fire we can share one facility with a dedicated training room, which would reduce costs to taxpayers,” McCue says.

EMS Training Director Lillian Slater constantly shifts around the training equipment.  “Some of it is cluttering our lobby, some of it is kept at Hays Medical Center, and I even store some in my house and garage, ” she says.  “All that back and forth is hard on the equipment.”

McCue invites the public to tour the current facility and see the “crowded conditions” and “safety issues” for themselves.

“This new building is not a Taj Mahal.  It is what we need, ” he says.

Watch Eagle Local News ECTV Channel 14 tonight/tomorrow as Becky Kiser tours EMS headquarters with McCue.

  • Seriously

    Maybe move some of your assets to the wasted money fire station at the airport?
    Guarantee my vote will be NO. Paid enough taxes on stupidity for this cities stupid projects. Like a water park that they said would generate revenue. Poor government is our problem not places to park an ambulance.

  • Citizen

    I once had a house that was to small for my growing family. I had to wait until I could afford a bigger before I could move. The county needs to do the same.

  • http://hayspost.com Population

    So what has Changed since 1990? The Population of Ellis County in 1990 Was 26,004, today it is 28,452.
    How many more calls do they have today than they did in 1990? Why have they outgrown there current facility or was it never big enough to start with?

  • Rob

    they are saying anything they can to try and get the yes vote on this new building. it is not needed that bad, more of a want. do like everyone else and make do with what you got.

    • Saving lives

      Have you been down to the current EMS station?

  • http://hayspost.com 50 X 100

    You can put up a 50 X 100 Steel building with a heated concrete floor for less than $250,000. I am sure you could put in some offices, Conference/training room, sleeping quarters, bathrooms and Showers for under $500,000. Wow….I just saved the taxpayers $2.5 million……wait that would be way to easy and cost effective!!!

  • 1990?

    So in 1990 you did not think you would someday need to expand the facility and to establish a fund so you could do so? Now you want us to foot the bill? How will this help our city? create jobs? bring people to the community? Vote no.

  • Uncle Thomas

    Once upon a time an ambulance was dispatched and an ambulance arrived.
    TODAY an ambulance is dispatched and an ambulance arrives, a supervisor in a pursuit vehicle arrives, a fire truck & fire men arrive, one or two patrol cars…have I missed anyone?

  • me

    you guys want to pay more taxes in a sales tax but you do know if you do not voted in all they will do is raise your property tax . why not let everybody that comes to Ellis County to shop or eat to help pay for it..I use to live in Ellis County and I was on the fire department so I know the need for a new fire station in EMS station.

  • Pfonz

    People need to remember one thing … this is not a new tax, it is extension of a sales tax that is already in place. Why not let everyone pay their share and not just fall on the shoulders of the property owners. A new jail is needed because we are transfering prisons back and for from other locations at a cost to tax payers.Vote yes!!!

    • Uncle Thomas

      it is new…
      the old one runs out and this one is a new one…call it what you want it is for a new reason.
      that being said i am not opposed…the community needs these services.
      my prior post was for the sake of conversation…

  • dan

    Taxes are already too high, people need a BREAK!

  • passin threw

    as near as i can tell the tax would cost the average hays resident, provided they are spending all of their money in hays $68 per year…..just vote yes cause it will cost 3 times that to property owners the other way

  • Saving lives

    Couple things to consider when you voting, or considering on voting no….
    1. How many people do you have to sleep next to at night? EMS workers male and females are sleepiing in one room with four beds. Beds are literally an arms length away. Also in this room lockers for employee storage of extra uniforms and daily needs. On top of these lockers is unsafe storage of education material.
    2. Where is your bathroom in relation to your kitchen? EMS workers literally eat and take a dump in the same area. Are you comfortable with eating lunch while someone is going to the bathroom. Not to mention you can hear someone if they are pushing out a big one.
    3. When you or your love one is need of an ambulance, Do you want someone that is not only experienced but well practiced in all skills and practices needed to save lives? The current location as you can see per the picture above is hard and lacks much. Add the extra personnel that are NEEDED in life threatening situations and the training for these situations is impossible.
    4. How may places do you have to storage you belongs? EMS have 5 different locations all located around the county where equipment is storaged.
    5 Does your car fit into you garage? As time changes the ambulance boxes are getting bigger and bigger. EMS has a new ambulance that was purchased this year that the mirrors that are needed for backing in the ambulance must be folded in in order for the ambulance to fit into the alloted space. Not only that but with all ambulances parked into the ambualnce bay you must be of smaller statue to fit in between the ambulance and the storage compartments that are in the garage.

    These are just of the few things that come to my mind whn i think of the NEED for new building for EMS. Remember that this is not a new tax but an extension on the current tax.

    • http://hayspost.com 3.5 Million

      Just seems really expensive……..$3.5 Million. I am glad they train in cramped spaces because I have been in a lot of home and most have cramped spaces……its good training for the real thing!!!

      • Saving lives

        In critical situations it might start out to be cramped, but as soon as possible the pt is moved so an area that is bigger. It is a lot of money but its a tax that is already in place. This building will not only house EMS but also Rural Fire.

        • http://hayspost.com 3.5 Million

          The fact that Rural Fire will also use that building is even a bigger joke. All they need is a big metal bulding with lots of overhead doors, just like all the rest of the Volunteer Rural Fire Departments in the Midwest!

    • Uncle Thomas

      Hey they chose the field. They saw the conditions…
      Military personnel do a lot more with a lot less…and less pay.

      • farmer

        Do you have any clue how much EMS personnel are paid or how much overtime they put in to reach that amount? Do not scrutinize what you do not know!

  • Ill tell you whats new?

    Ill tell you what was different in 1990. In 1990 the ambulance and a supervisor responded to ambulance calls along with a PD Officer or Officers if it was a critical or situation that warranted there presence. Now a fire truck goes along with a couple of Firefighters, so you’ve almost doubled the personnel that go along with you. So why is all the sudden what you have not good enough? Is it because its not shiny or new enough?
    And if anyone thinks the yearly call counts are accurate think again. Every time the PD sees a mark on someone after a minor fight or traffic accident they call an ambulance to check the person out even if the person says “Im Fine, I dont want an ambulance.”. Ive seen it first hand when 2 years ago a lady rear ended me, A very minor wreck, very minor and she told the Police that she could feel where the seat belt grabbed her. very politley he asked if she needed an ambulance and she said “No” and hes says im going to call on anyway just to check you out. She told him she didnt need one and would refuse any treatment they would give and she was not going to the hospital because she wasnt injured. Ambulance shows up long enough to ask if she ok and sign a form. Use the resources you have more wisely and efficiently and im sure, no im positive you will be just fine.,

    • Uncle Thomas

      I can afford the taxes…blessed with great job, I only pose questions for the sake of conversation. I like shiny new, expansive, expensive things…dont mind the community having it as well. I just dont care for all the smoke and mirrors and sad stories about how bad the working environment is for these people…blah, blah, blah.
      I served our country…dont want any special recognitions, dont need any special services…it was/is a voluntary armed forces, I chose to defend and the rest is history. All these whiny butts really bite at the nerves. If you want a new 5.0 million dollar facility I dont mind contributing my fair share just dont blow smoke up my rear.

  • farmer

    It is a sue happy world these days so I understand that PD was trying to cover their “assets”. The other fact that you are missing out on is that EMS does NOT get to pick and choose which calls they respond to.

  • http://hayspost.com Missing

    Will this new $3.5 Million building improve response times or improve the level of service Ellis County currently recieves from Ellis County Rural Fire and Ellis County EMS. The short awnser to that question is most likely NO……especially for those folks living west of Yocemento and East of Toulon.
    This is a incredibly expensive building and without a noticible improvement in service I don’t not believe its worth it.The two entities do probably need more space but can they do without it? The awsner is yes, the outcome of Emergency situations in Ellis County will be the same with or without the building.

  • http://hayspost.com $$$$$

    That is a lot of Money :(