Motel Check leads to Drug Arrest

Randi L DreilingOfficers conducting motel checks in the 3400 Block of Vine Street early Friday morning observed a marijuana pipe inside a vehicle.  Hays Police Lt Brandon Wright told Hays Post, ” The officer made contact with the owner of the vehicle in a nearby motel room.  The subsequent search of the vehicle resulted in the seizure of the pipe and small amount of marijuana and paraphernalia.  Randi L. Dreiling, age 21, of Antonino, Kansas was arrested and cited for Possession of a Hallucinogenic Drug and Drug paraphernalia.  Thomas L. Alvis, age 31, of Hill City was also arrested on an Ellis County warrant.”

  • seriously

    So let me get this straight. The police in Hays walk around hotels at night shining their mag lights into vehicles looking for anything suspicious? Maybe I’m just a left wing nut but I find this to be a very fishy practice. I definitely won’t say these are the brightest people in the world leaving a pipe in open view inside a vehicle but I definitely question the practices of the HPD. If I was this young man or woman I would definitely retain a lawyer who would question the validity of, what appears to me, to be a question of an illegal search. I’m all for law enforcement, keep the violent people of the streets to be sure but I definitely question the practice and/or policy of this type of conduct. I guess they assume every vehicle at a hotel is a suspicious vehicle? This type of practice is not meant to protect and service.

    • TD

      Anything to defend users huh? Or is it police you just don’t like? What a joke.

      • Seriously

        I don’t like laws that punish otherwise law obeying citizens. And no, I don’t like police who overstep the public trust. Police randomly looking through cars in a parking lot is definitly a violation of public trust. Would you trust your neighbor if he was looking in your bedroom window? I doubt you would.
        Btw my dad was a cop for 33 Years. Now retired on kpers. Love the guy. Always been good and fair to me. I have nothing against honest peace officers.
        I’ll defend any day the rights of individuals right to privacy.

  • Blackie Kuhn

    By leaving the para phanalia in plain view a case an established cause for search was warranted.. A little shady but perfectly legal.

  • Ted

    Get these dopers off the-street. Good job HaysPolice

    • TC Clair

      Yeah totally Ted! If we get all these evil pot smokin kids off the streets then the world would be much, much safer. You my friend are a ratard.

  • hmmmm

    I agree they need to adress the drug issue, but on the other hand why is our PD spending time checking every car out there at a motel. If they have reason to believe something may be in the car then fine search it or shine your light in it, but dont just go up to every car and start looking through it from the window.


  • http://hasyspost RD

    Obey the laws of society or face the consequences, not a hard concept to grasp. The officers are working a 12 hour shift, good to see them doing more than traffic stops.


    WOW, I NOW SEEN IT ALL, plainview, search warrent, little shady, how plainview no search warrant perfectly legal, wow people need to know the law before they start talking like you do.

    • TC Clair

      To help with your Confusion, plain view is two words. The plain view law would come Ito effect had it been a bag of weed or lines of cocaine on the dash. There is no such thing as a marijuana pipe. All pipes are sold for the consumption of tobacco it doesn’t matter if its wood or glass or a 5 foot bong. There is no way for those officers to tell what was being smoked out of that pipe by looking in the window, rendering the plain view law warrentless.

  • dougie

    They should just legalize pot. Allow us to spend our tax dollars on better things! Like stopping prescription drug abuse which is a real problem!

  • Free Thinker

    Once again we are locking up people for a plant…I wonder how much prosecuting this will cost Ellis County? It’s time to end this wasteful prohibition. Neither of these people was driving or hurting anyone. I wonder how many of the commenters saying “get these druggies off the streets” drink alcohol, smoke tobacco, drink coffee, or take Zoloft? This hypocrisy needs to end.

    • Seriously

      I completely agree with you free thinker.

      • http://HAYSPOST CONFUSED

        I completely disagree with that, now when they find one plant and 100k in currency from the one plant search and that money goes to the state and local departments. Think of the benift there. Also if people had an issue with just one plant or even one seed, maybe they should call there lawmakers and get that law changed to where its ok to have one plant or two plants, but when that get done people complain that this person is holding a marijuna plant and nothing is being done.

        • Free Thinker

          What benefit comes to anyone in this situation Confused? These weren’t cartel bosses. These were two citizens minding their own business who are now “criminals”. As for your 100K going to the police, that’s a drop in the bucket compared to the money this country wastes on the drug war. Maybe we should all start voting for people who actually value freedom of choice?

          • http://HAYSPOST CONFUSED

            Free Thinker, I am assuming since you dont know much about the drug business I bet since the time that it took you to type this message there was over 2 million dollars in drug traffic traveling down I 70 and there not Cartels coming through, maybe you should try being in Law enforcement and how much money they actually recover whih could lower our taxes or give the department newer technology instead taking it out of our taxes!!!

          • Free Thinker

            Confused, you’re probably right…All those flight hours conducting drug interdiction missions with U.S. Customs over South & and Central America must mean I don’t know anything about this subject…

    • Billy bada$$

      Cocaine comes from a plant should we make it legal too?

  • Hank Hill

    Yep. It’s no wonder the jail is full. Quit locking people up with stupid bs like this. Good luck with getting the jail tax passed, Pffft. Pathetic approach to policing. But, I expect nothing less from the HPD.

    • Free Thinker

      There are some good, honest folks on the HPD. My comments are aimed towards our lawmakers, HPD, or any other enforcement agency is stuck with these laws. Just like us they have a boss, and if the boss says “go peer into cars”, that’s what they go do. Most police officers I have met disagree with pot prohibition, but that’s not something they can change in the course of their work week.

      • http://HAYSPOST CONFUSED

        Now I will agree with you on this one very good comment!!

  • hmmm 2

    All the crime and mayhem going on in this town and they’re wasting time peering into car windows.. go down to the Fort Hays area of town and do some real police work..burglaries, rapes, stabbings…start reigning in the punks from Fort Hays who are the real problem in this town..

    • hmmmm

      I agree with this comment. The problem is many of these crimes are never made public, because FHSU seems to cover most of it up, and the public never knows about it.

  • dougie

    Perhaps the entire police force should work together to “overlook” pot.

    I think if I was the hotel I would ask the police to not come onto my property without being called as that could become bad for business.

  • TC Clair

    Why would the hays post put a mug shot of her and article because they found a weed pipe? Hays is already the drama fueled, gossiping black hole of the United States America. If your going to put full articles and pictures of criminals then feature a criminal. Im not even gThis whole page makes me sick. I’m not even going to go into the awesome police work that went into the apprehension of this menace to society. But hey, what more would we expect from the HPD.
    #FTHPD #keepburnin trees

  • Rob

    gotta give the hays police something to do so might as well check cars in parking lots and give out night time seat violations. they certainly can’t do anything else in hays when it comes to getting violent or drunk people off the streets

  • Leagalize it

    Time to recognize it

  • Free bird

    What a waste of time and tax payers dollars. Take a hint from.colorado

  • Uncle Thomas

    I confess…slow evening, but I could only peruse the aforementioned diatribe.
    The police only enforce the laws. Law enforcement have cruised motel/hotel parking lots forever…Hace, America does set at the crossing of I-70 & 183. Only a weee bit of trafficking on these roads. In the middle of night when police life is slow they do building checks, hotel parking lot checks, etc, etc,…
    What confuses me is where in the dickens is the Cowndy Law Enforcement? I know it is not an election year, but we the tax payers have paid for a handler and a dog! Why are we not seeing the big busts or more frequent busts by the Cowndy?