Mayhem at the Middle School

TEXTING AND DRIVING 2Bodies and broken street signs littered the Hays Middle School parking lot Wednesday afternoon.

The mayhem was part of W8T 2 TXT, a texting and driving awareness program for 8th graders organized by USD 489 Drivers Education instructor Bruce Rupp.

The “bodies”were pillows, and the signs, including “Kangaroo Crossing,” were atop bright orange traffic cones.

“It was hard,” said participant Peyton Augustine. “I drove through a stop sign and ran over one of the body pillows.” Classmate Dylan Scheibler agrees. “It’s really hard to know where you are going if you’re not paying attention to the road.”

The soon-to-be and young restricted drivers experienced first-hand the dangers of texting and driving, as they maneuvered golf carts through an obstacle course while also sending pretend  texts to a friend.

The W8T 2 TXT program started inside the HMS gymnasium where students watched a video featuring real stories of distracted driver fatalities, including K-State student Ashley Umscheid who died in 2009 while driving and texting her sister.

The Kansas Highway Patrol also brought in a crash simulator so students could feel the impact of a vehicle crash at only 5 miles per hour.



  • Uncle Thomas

    We can’t text and drive? I enjoy parking at various locations around town while I am enjoying a snowball, Dairy Queen, etc and watch all the citizens driving and texting. Some can smoke, text, drive,…even apply make up, cup of coffee,… yet I dont see any enforcement iniatives. Reeeally, texting is against the law?


      REALLY, UNCLE THOMAS FIRST OFF, everyone complains when the police are out stopping to many people thinking there is better things to do and you dont see any Law Enforcement initative, LOOK AT THE ARTICLE THEY ARE TRYING TO PREVENT IT HERE UH MMMM VERY CONFUSED!!!!!

  • Shannon

    Shout out to Nex-Tech for starting the W8T 2 TXT program in our area! It’s a great program for middle and high school students!

    • Jenny D

      Hays Daily News did a nice job of covering the story. It included information on where the program comes from.

    • Uncle Thomas

      shout out? they are trying to get free advertising to compete with eagle…duh.