KFIX Rock News: Pink Floyd’s Nick Mason Says Dark Side Of The Moon Could Have Been Better

dsotminDespite selling in excess of 50 million copies worldwide, Pink Floyd drummer Nick Mason thinks the band’s “Dark Side of the Moon” could have been better.

During a recent press conference to celebrate the album’s 40th anniversary, Mason said,  “It would have been great to have played [Dark Side] live a number of times and then recorded it.”

“I think we would have sequenced it differently. It’s not only what you play but where you play it… that could have changed.”

Mason also noted that the flow of “Dark Side of the Moon” was largely determined by the vinyl format of the times.

“You knew it was side one, side two, very different – people would often play side one and move on to something else.”

The press conference was held last Friday (3/22) at Studio 3 of London’s Abbey Road studios, which is where the album was originally recorded from mid ’72 through early ’73.

Listen to the press conference here (click the “Play” icon in the upper left corner).

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