Drug Test for Welfare Check Approved

url(AP) – The Kansas House has approved a bill that would require unemployment and welfare recipients to undergo drug testing.

Under a bill passed Tuesday on a 106-16 vote, anyone who fails a drug test would have to get drug treatment and job skills training, paid for by the state and federal government. Those who fail a second time would lose assistance for a year.

The bill also would prevent anyone who is convicted of a drug felony after July from getting welfare for five years. A second conviction would mean a lifelong ban.

House and Senate members also would be tested if there is a reasonable suspicion about their behavior.

The Wichita Eagle reports the Senate has approved the bill but will consider some minor changes in the House version.


  • TD


  • inkslinger

    its about damn time

  • hmmm 2

    Instead of penalizing citizens who are down on their luck..why doesn’t the government drug test the thousands of ” great Americans’ who apply for gun ownership.. they’re at far more dangerous than a recipient of public assistance..

    • No

      If they are that “down on their luck” why should they be able to buy food on my tax dollar when they can turn around and drop money on dope, meth, or whatever else they want? If you can afford that crap, you can buy your own food.

      • wassup

        Drug test? Does that include alcohol?

    • Justified

      I just wonder why you say “penalize”. There is no penalty unless someone is identified as a potential risk for drug use AND test positive. If you aren’t using drugs…you have nothing to worry about. And if you are using drugs…then you aren’t “down on your luck”.

    • Pfonz

      To hmm2
      It is not the “Great Americans” that are dangerous to the the system it is people like you SUCKING the system dry.Get off your dead ass and get a job!!!

  • Free Thinker

    Super…more tax dollars going toward a usless program. Just wait and see Kansas, this is a black-hole for money that could be used elsewhere.

  • Here We Go Again

    Ask the State of Georgia how well that worked, they spent 15 milion dollars on their Welfare Drug Testing and caught ONE PERSON. They should test the Lawmakers first to see how many of them are high for wasting the taxpayers money.

    • Justified

      Where did you find that data to back up that statement? I just would like to read it.

  • Justified

    This does NOT require that EVERYONE on assistance receive a drug test…only those who are suspected of drug use and a trained person will be responsible for making those decisions on an as needed basis. Therefore, still assuring the responsibility of non-drug use on the people who are on assistance, without bankrupting the government resources. As for alcohol use being tested…I doubt it is included….but if you have money for alcohol then it is likely you have the ability to work, therefore not needing cash assistance. Food stamps don’t allow anyone to buy alcohol with them. No one should be offended by the concept of this new program unless they are using assistance and using drugs. And there are people who abuse the system, but they are not as common as many people think…too many hoops for people to jump through to want to scam the system. Assistance has changed tremendously and most people don’t know that. It’s not nearly as easy for people to get assistance as it used to be. I’m not saying the system is perfect…but this hopefully will be a positive change.

  • unconstitutional
  • http://hayspost.com Jr.

    If that’s the case we should all be drug tested.

    • why not

      Personally, I don’t see the problem with everyone being drug tested. Lots of people get drug tested when they start new jobs and are suspect to random drug tests anytime. All KDOT employees, state employees, and most jobs in the healthcare service all require UA’s at some point and then randoms thereafter. If you think that people in this town don’t use drugs…you would be sadly mistaken..check out how many names get posted on this site for possession charges every couple of days. You think it isn’t in our school system…it is. Just because people hide it well, doesn’t make it okay. So bring on the drug testing…for everyone. Maybe we wouldn’t have the increased crime here anymore. And don’t think that the drug users are just on welfare..if they are dealers…they are not on welfare, I can tell you that.

      • http://hayspost Arthur Doyle

        I was in agreement with you until this post. To be clear I do not use nor do I condone the use of illegal drugs or the abuse of pharmaceutical drugs for that matter, however to suggest that every person be drug tested is a little to Orwellian for me. If I am not asking for assistance and it is not required by my employer I do not owe anyone a drug test. To suggest otherwise is the path to a Nanny state and infringes on my individual freedom. I fervently believe I own my body. I exercise and eat a healthy diet because I enjoy the benefits, but I would never try to impose that on others.

        • why not

          I was being figurative. I was going with the basis that those who have no fear from drug testing, should not inherently have a problem with being tested should the occasional need arise due to employment, accident related incidents, etc. Obviously, I would not impose the cost of drug testing for everyone. I truly believe the need is only warranted if there is a reason to suspect drug use. But I do believe everyone should have the potential to be tested if that need arises. If you had a school teacher teaching your child but wasn’t receiving assistance, or your doctor was abusing prescription medications while operating on you (or if you had a person injecting a needle into you that he had previously used to shoot drugs into his harm and later gave you Hepatitis), or if John Doe is driving down the road while impaired and causes an accident while high or drunk…would you not want that addressed if someone had evidence that the drug use was happening? I don’t know about you, but I would feel a lot safer if I knew this stuff was a little more enforced. Everyone one of those examples happens on a regular basis.

  • inkslinger

    i also like the people that go to a convenience store buy food with the vision card then whip out cash to play the lottery, either power ball or scratch off. we pay for these dead beats, if you need assistance then you should NOT be able to get “wasted” or play the lottery