Sound OFF: City Commission Election

The City Commission Election is a week away.  Who gets your vote?  Tell us why…. in our comments section below.

Candidates are listed below

(Parentheses note number of positions to each office)

City of Hays: Commission (3):

Todd Gabel

Ron Mellick

Shaun Musil

Eber Phelps

Dominic Pianalto

City of Ellis:

Mayor (1): Lyle Johnston

David R. McDaniel

Treasurer (1): Faith Ann Scheck

Council (3): Terry Redetzke

Jolene Niernberger

John F. Leiker

Brian Raub

Mayor (1): Richard L. Klaus

Council (5): Jason Schneider,  Thomas Cole Dinges, & Kevin J. Bieker

City of Victoria:

Mayor (1):

Curtis B. Unrein

Council (2):

Leroy J. Schmidtberger

Kenneth A. Pfeifer

Jan Piesker

USD 388 (3):

Jerry Pfeifer, Patricia L. Groff, & John A.Walz

USD 432 (3-regular/1-unexpired term):

P.J. Nowak (regular term) Alan Schulte (regular term)

USD 489 (3):

Lance Bickle, Kathleen Fischer,  Richard G. Kraemer,  Danielle Robben, & Josh Waddell