Three Injured in Crash on Icy Roads

Three people were injured Saturday night when a Mini-van slid on icy roads on highway 400Walker-6-40.jpg west of Dodge City The sliding van was T-boned on the passenger side by a Chevy Impala. The van’s driver, Seventy one year old Melva L. Bernard of Mullinville, Kansas was taken to Western Plains Medical Center. The driver and passenger of the Impala, 60 year-old Steven Isaac and his 60 year-old wife Rebecca of Montezuma also remain hospitalized. All three were wearing seat belts

  • Runner

    Why are people (of all ages) too IGNORANT to drive with caution on icy roads??? I don’t care what you say…NO excuse for this IGNORANT behavior!!!

    • WeeTodd

      NOTHING in the article says anything about either driver driving recklessly. Maybe people need to read AND comprehend BEFORE they spout off at the mouth without knowing what they are talking about!