Police: Lots of Night-Time Seatbelt Tickets

The Hays Police conducted a Night-Time Seatbelt Check Lane on Wednesday night.

According to Police Lt. Brandon Wright, “The check began at 8 PM and ended at about 11:15 PM.

OfficersHays police started at 27th and Hall and moved to 27th and Vine after about an hour.  Forty-four traffic stops were conducted in connection with the check lane.  48 traffic citations were issued for a variety of traffic violations including 22 seat belt tickets. All 26 non seat belt violations were all written warnings except one hard ticket for fail to yield at a traffic signal.”

  • Bill

    I witnessed the start of the check point and 5 cop cars were involved. In my opinion the tax payers could have saved some money by having 5 less officers on the duty the evening of the check point. Not to mention the time it takes to process the tickets and the salaries we will be paying to those who do so. In the end a big waste of money, and please don’t say it’s the law. This city needs to start using some common sense. The police are suppose to protect and serve, not try to generate revenue.

  • Law

    Actually, most check points(DUI, Seat Belt) are officers who are working overtime, funded by the State Of Kansas. No less officers off your streets to protect and serve. These seat belt tickes now may save a life later.