Huelskamp: FY 2014 Budget Could Stop Obama Care

WASHINGTON, DC – Two weeks after House Republicans passed a Continuing Resolution that retained the first real spending reductions in decades, Republicans on Thursdayhuelskamp passed their FY 2014 Budget.  Congressman Tim Huelskamp (R-Kansas) issued the following statement:

“One year ago I voted against the House Republican Budget because, among other reasons, it didn’t project balance for 26 years.  Today, I  was able to vote for a budget that projects balance in ten years.  The Republican Study Committee budget I co-authored last year projected balance in seven years and it is encouraging to see the House Republican Budget moving in the right direction.

Additionally, the budget proposes to target and transform Medicaid, Food Stamps, and Medicare, and stop Obamacare, consistent with innovative reform proposals I have been pushing in Congress.  Now for the more important and difficult challenge: we must turn our attention to the debt ceiling debate and hold the Republican leadership to its promise to include these reforms – and a ten year path to a balanced budget — in any debt ceiling agreement.”

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