Hays Crews Prepare for Latest Winter Storm

snow removalWith the latest threat of a late March winter storm expected to move into the area over the next couple of days Hays City crews will be busy trying to keep the streets clean.

The Dodge City National Weather Service office said, in their conference with city officials on Thursday they expect the storm to start with rain on Friday night before changing over to sleet and snow.

Hays Public Works Director I.D. Creech told Hays Post that they are planning to begin brining the streets on Friday to try and get out in front of the storm.

Creech said that because they are calling for rain before sleet and snow they may have to wait for the storm to change over to snow but they want to get the brine on the road surfaces before they begin to freeze.

The National Weather Service expects the storm to have a lot of wind which Creech said the blowing and drifting is going to be the biggest problem.

The City will split the road crew that they have into two crews so they will be capable of running 24-hours if needed. Creech said they will have crews clearing roads on Saturday.

Creech also want to remind people that they should be aware that there is a chance a snow emergency could be declared prohibiting people from parking on the snow routes. He said they suggest people not park on the snow routes whenever a winter storm is expected to hit the area.