KHAZ Country Music News: Blake Shelton Explores New Sounds on “Happy” and “Romantic” Hit, “Sure Be Cool if You Did”

Blake Shelton (Warner Bros. Records)Blake Shelton is on track to top the country chart yet again with his laid back new single, “Sure Be Cool if You Did.” The straightforward nature of the lyrics is what made Blake wanted to record the “happy” and “romantic” song in the first place.

He says, “It’s in a bar.  There’s nothing bad.  It’s just a guy picking up a girl, you know.  It’s easy to listen to and not have to think about that hard.”

One thing fans may notice about “Sure Be Cool if You Did” is Blake’s use of a drum loop and finger snaps on the song, and there will be more of those adventurous sounds on Blake’s new album, Based on a True Story…

While Blake knows these new sounds may be unexpected for him, he says, “I hear these records that Luke [Bryan]’s doing and Carrie [Underwood] and Jason [Aldean], and I’m going, ‘Gah, man.  I want in on some of that.’  You know, it just sounds so good. ”

Blake adds, “So, I wanted to incorporate some of the things they’re doing on my record too.”

Based on a True Story… lands in stores March 26.  Blake also appears on the new season of The Voice, premiering Monday, March 25 on NBC.

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