Commissioners Clarify Sales Tax Question

Ellis County courthouseNow that the election date is set, the Ellis County Commission continues to explain and promote their request for a half-cent sales tax. Commissioner Barbara Wasinger says there are two points she wants to make perfectly clear. The first is that the sales tax will sunset when the bonds are paid off, and second the money can only be used to fund the projects stated in the ballot question.

Based on the sales tax projections, the $14.5 million dollars in bonds will be paid off and the sales tax will sunset in about four-and-a-half years.

The Ellis County Administrator and commissioners approached the city councils of Ellis and Victoria Monday night to request that if the public approves the sales tax, then those communities would turn their share over to the county. Administrator Greg Sund says if Ellis, Victoria and Schoenchen agree to give their shares to the county, that could reduce the length of the sales tax by about six months.

The only projects eligible for this funding are the EMS/Rural Fire building and improvements to the courthouse and jail. Several public meetings are being planned. The election will be May 14.

  • EMS/Fire building

    Why isn’t Ellis and Victoria getting new rural fire buildings too? I know the Ellis building isn’t much different than the one in Hays, there are no tables or chairs to sit on for meetings or training and hardly enough room for all the trucks. Why do they get special treatment? Can you tell me that Swede or Barbara?

  • Um….

    I’ve seen the fire station in Ellis. Those guys have done a very nice job with it.

    • Which Station??

      Which Station are you talking about? The City Station or the Ellis County Rural Fire Co #6 Station?
      The county station is just a big steel building with a bathroom. No tables, no chairs, just trucks and a place to hang bunker gear. The Company #5 station is nicer than that!
      Ellis City Station has a nice meeting room with tables, chairs, bathroom, shower, kitchenette, TV. Its a nice little station for the City, not fancy but it does the job from what I understand!

  • Bob

    Citizens Clarify Sales-Tax Answer: HELL NO!

  • Rob

    Hays is blowing smoke up peoples butt again in ellis and Victoria, this isn’t about them it is all about hays wanting ellis and Victoria’s money. This doesn’t benefit anybody but greedy hays, please vote no. Hays needs to realize they need to do things another way instead of always asking for our money. As far as the tax sunsetting in 4 years it might but by then they will ask for another sales tax increase for another stupid project by then

  • Question

    My question is, why would Ellis, Victoria and Schoenchen want to pay sales tax for something they won’t completely benefit from? I agree, the courthouse and jail updates will impact the entire county, but not so much the ems/rural fire building. Also, why spend tax dollars rebuilding the ems/rural fire when the practical use of the ems/rural fire will not be improved. Will a fancy new building improve response times of the EMS or help fight fires faster?

  • Other Projects?

    Why do we need this? Why not fund a bike trail? Convention center? Bringing in new businesses? Something our community and citizens will benefit from. I don’t see how a new EMS building is something we need and how it’s going to grow our community like the pool and sports complex did. How many new jobs will this create? How many people will this bring to our City? Please respond and let me know how this will benefit the community and I will consider changing my vote. I vote: NO

  • Waste of money

    I work for the county and know the jail is severely inadequate but throwing all that money to remodel it is nothing but putting a bandaid on a gushing wound. They spend all that money to remodel and they will just be in the same situation one or two years from now. The commissioners have ignored the problem for many years

  • Concerned Citizen

    VOTE NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Lets keep our money for once this is ridiculous