Boldra on Guns, Education and More

Boldra 2From 111th District State Representative Sue Boldra.

Last week was an active week for the Kansas House of Representatives. Three gun bills that secure the rights of lawful gun owners as constitutionally protected in the 2nd Amendment breezed through the house with minor opposition.  This followed a complimentary knife bill passed last week.  Law abiding citizens should not have their rights diminished due to the actions of criminals, who don’t consider “the law” when engaging in unlawful acts.

Much misinformation is being distributed about the Common Core standards. Enhanced rigor, flexibility, and innovation should be applauded, not derided. Kansas schools have been using the English/Literacy and Math Common Core standards (not curriculum) since 2010. That vote will take place sometime this week.

 The Education Committee has heard testimony about the ability for entities, other than school districts, as is currently the rule, to organize charter schools where the per pupil state aid would follow the students. These schools, however, would not be required to hire licensed educators or abide by state laws that currently govern public education.  This bill was defeated in committee by a 10-9 vote.  However, a companion bill in the Senate may be allowed to go forward.

Tuesday, March 12, it was my pleasure to meet with Kelvin and DeAnn Meyers, owners and operators of Hays Fire Equipment Sales and Service,   and recipients of a Ks. Small Business Development Center award for “Emerging and Existing Businesses of the Year.”  Congratulations to them!

Wednesday, March 13, I was honored to help present a resolution to recognize the victims of Multiple Sclerosis and designating March 11-17 as “Multiple Sclerosis Awareness Week.” Our youngest daughter is among the many individuals diagnosed with MS.  We are strong supporters of the organization that seeks to find a cure for this debilitating disease. The Hays MS Walk will take place on April 6th. Come join us!

It is an honor to serve you.  Please keep me informed of your concerns.

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