Workers Comp Rates May Prompt Hays to Rejoin the League

hays-logo1The bid for workers compensation insurance for the City of Hays came in 12% higher than the current rate. The city could avoid such a steep increase, however, if the commission agrees to rejoin the Kansas League of Municipalities, which would provide access to the Kansas Municipal Insurance Trust.

Commissioner Henry Schwaller says the city left the league in 2012 over dissatisfaction with their service, but a savings of nearly $20,000 might be worth renewing the membership.

Workers comp insurance under KMIT would be $164,000.

  • Uncle Thomas

    Why is it after every commision meeting we need to have Commissioner Schwaller’s two cents? Are the other commissioners not smart enough to understand his use of the press? Who made Hank the commissions spokeperson?

  • Blaine

    Another case of a knee jerk reaction and using short sited thought by city staff and not looking at the long term ramifications of their action.