Woman Arrested for Assault with Machete

Twenty four year old Laura Stroup of Hays was arrested early Thursday morning. She was using a machete during a disturbance in the 3100 block of Tam ‘O Shanter.  Hays Police Lt. Brandon Wright told Hays Post, “Fortunately, nobody was injured during the

Laura Stroup

Laura Stroup

incident. Stroup is charged with assault using a deadly weapon, domestic battery, and criminal damage to property.

  • Gigy

    About time Thought only men were in Ellis Co jail

  • Elvis

    How many bullets were in the machete clip?

    • Magazine

      Elvis, a clip or a magazine?? They are not the same thing, so when trying to be funny you may get your ducks in a row!!

      • Bob

        They’re called rounds, not bullets. Duh

  • matt

    How about you shut up and just realize that elvis made a very valid point!

  • kansas hunter

    We better require a thorough background check on ALL machete sales. Actually we better ban them, they are evil assault weapons and only the police and military should be allowed to have them.

    • Reality Check

      Considering the last school “massacre” with a machete only wounded people, resulted in no fatalities and was much easier contained, I find your argument invalid and ridiculous. Besides, we already have knife laws. Have you tried to buy a switchblade lately??? Cheese is more closely regulated than any firearm in this country.

      • Dumb

        Yeah “only” wounded lol. Ignorant.

  • farmerbob

    How can someone assault someone with a machete and not injure them? Maybe she thought she was in a horror movie! Or she was planning on on a trip to the jungle and needed it to get through the bush. Or she was just removing dirt from her fingernails.

    • JoeBob

      Perfect point proven farmerbob that there WAS NO assault whatsoever!

  • Hays

    If you guys type in her name in the search bar, you will see she has been arrested a couple of times. Domestic battery at the same residence was one of them. Maybe she needs to go to some anger manegment classes. I just don’t understand how she would jut have a machete and what her intentions were while using it. Because if she was using it for harm someone had to of gotten hurt. Either way something needs to be done. People you least expect can be the most dangerous.

  • Hamburgler

    I know her and she is a very nice girl when she is not crazy, its just that she goes crazy….a lot.

  • Hays

    I know her as well.

  • Family

    she is my family member and everything they say she got charged with on here is incorrect. no one was hurt, she didn’t do any damage in the house at all and she didn’t even lay a hand on anyone. whatever happened to innocent until proven guilty? you guys know nothing about her so you can’t judge her for not knowing the whole story. she’s in a bad place right now but with all of you people commenting on this saying she’s crazy and she needs help isn’t going to help her situation either.

    • Gigy

      So the police made up charges to arrest her? Is that what yer sayin

      • Get her off the streets

        All of the times they made them up or just this one? Hmmm

      • Family

        clearly if no one was hurt, there was no assault. idiot, can’t you read? and get a dictionary, you can’t spell either.

    • Reality Check

      Victims of abuse, be it verbal, emotional or physical often defend the abuser. I hope you all can look at things rationally and agree that if police are called, then there was a reason. Counseling is never a bad thing, for anyone.

    • Really?

      So because she is in a bad place right now gives her a reason to do this?! Wow…how stupid.

      • Family

        funny thing is nothing happened. didn’t you see the part about “no one was hurt” ohhh yeah… that’s what I thought. get your facts straight.

        • Really?

          I never said she hurt anyone…dummy!! You pretty much said that she is in a bad spot in her life…well everyone has bad times in their life but u don’t see us running amuck with a machete!!!

          • lol….

            she wasn’t running amuck either. she had a machete in her hand and dropped it right after she was told then left the house. the police took the machete and then when she came back was when she got arrested not because she was running around like a crazy person with a machete in her hand…

  • Dumb

    Some people never learn. Maybe this family should stop making excuses every time and get this troubled girl some intensive therapy and get her away from drugs and alcohol and apparently this person she’s continuously catching false charges with. What are the chances she keeps getting falsely accused? Please. Go out to the bars in Hays and you can see this drunken nymph in action for yourself.

    • Ridiculous accusations

      Good luck with that because I know for a fact that she hasn’t even stepped foot into a bar for over 14 months. And drunken nymph? Those are the farthest adjectives from the truth to describe her. She may have had some alcohol issues in the past but this girl is definitely not a nymph. She is not a “troubled girl” and she actually has been through intensive therapy and rehab and besides this hiccup has been doing great! Amazing person if you knew her. She does not use drugs so you can also scratch that from your list. False charges is absolutely correct as I happen to know the true story behind this incident. She was found not guilty in her last accussation and will no doubt beat this one too considering how things truly went down that night and how ass backwards it is that she was the one to catch the charges and not the other party involved. I am not her family but I do know her very well and consider myself a close friend. She will come through this stronger than ever and beat this and prove that these police records are not charges that actually stick. Innocent until proven guilty, remember? I’m no police officer but there is nothing in the TRUE story that can be used to prove her guilty. It’s comments like the one above that prove once again that everyone in this small-minded town feeds off of everyone else’s drama to feel better about themselves and it is just foolish to make accusations when you don’t even know the whole story. You also apparently don’t know her in any way seeing how you didn’t even know that she hasn’t stepped foot into a bar since early January of 2012.

    • Family

      please tell me the last time you saw Laura in a bar? she had an ankle brace for a very long time and she wasn’t allowed to drink at all for quite a few months. so please, go on with your rant about how she’s a “drunken nymph” because you don’t know the first thing about Laura, or our family.

      • TakeItSerious

        Excuses excuses Excuses ^^^. She’s at a rough patch….wait but she’s doing really great…. Just say whatever sounds good at the time. I see why she is frickin nuts now. See you on here again in a few months

        • lol….

          incase you were all wondering, all of these charges were dropped. but not like you guys will really pay attention to it because you’re all a bunch of drama loving idiots. and she’s an alcoholic, not a nut job.

  • Don’t have to go the bars to drink

    Seen her in action plenty firsthand. With the bracelet. And the expensive investments

    • lol….

      oh yeah? expensive investments? hmmm…

  • Zack

    Hahaha there’s a reason she can’t go to the bars

  • http://hayspost gestapo

    It is obvious to almost everyone that she does have some problems. However Hays PD is a joke! My father is a LE officer and I grew up in a law enforcement family. I have been a pro police department supporter until I moved to Hays a couple years ago. The officers are very unprofessional and are a disgrace to the law enforcement community. They are looking for anything that can write a ticket for. My dad told me that good officers write tickets that they feel good about and don’t write tickets they don’t feel good about. In other words, if they see a vehicle with a tag light out, they may stop the vehicle but most good officers would only issue a warning. Hays PD on the other hand would probably write a ticket and then ask if they could search the vehicle. My suggestion to citizens is to use your cell phone and video tape any encounter you have with Hays PD.

  • Habitual offender


    • Get your facts straight dumbass.

      Druggy huh? Yeah that’s why she has a 9pm curfew and gets breathilized and takes a UA for corrections two-three times a week and has never once failed for anything nor has she gotten a single violation. Please tell me how a “druggy” can pass every single random UA thrown her way. Does that make any sense whatsoever to you because it sure as hell doesn’t add up to me. You must be either just one hell of a jealous dumbass that feels the need to talk untrue slander over the Internet or you’re just plain retarded and way more screwed up in the head than she’ll ever be. Get your facts in check before making a ridiculous accusation like that.

      • Frank

        Wanna get high?

        • inkslinger

          you can pass a ua and still get “high” its called flushing the system, blood tests are a different thing

        • eat me

          that’s funny NOT!!!!! considering your the armdart crank banger who cant even get a hottie unless you date rape a passed out chick. your a winner let me tell ya

  • built in 74

    Laura is a great girl with a great big problem and that problem has the initials MS. He is enough to drive the most sane person crazy. We all have problems, its too bad everyone knows about hers because of this stupid forum. Hopefully she will stay away from this guy, get some help for the alcohol and ruturn to bein the kick ass girl she truly is.