Sound OFF: County Sales Tax Vote

Two months from today we will know the outcome of the Sales Tax vote

On May 14, Ellis County voters will consider a 0.5-percent sales tax that will be used to finance the costs to acquire, construct, remodel and equip improvements to the county courthouse and Law Enforcement Center and a new EMS/ rural fire building.

In our comments section below, tell us how you will vote or what you need to hear to vote YESVOTE-2012-300x298.




  • Kimmy

    It is time to upgrade these places. How long will the tax last?

  • Bob

    You already asked a similar question, only now it seems like you have a vested interest in getting it passed! SMH.

  • a

    How much is it going to cost? Are we making improvements to the courthouse, or building a new jail? I have tried to keep up with what exactly the gameplan is but now it seems like I am supposed to vote yes for, “just say yes and dont worry about where or how much of the extra tax money is going to be used.”

  • No

    Our taxes are already high enough. Instead of wasting tax payer money on a sports complex or on the HHS weight room that was suppose to be paid for privately how about we use that money on stuff like this instead of sticking it to the tax payers again.

    • Si

      I agree with “No” Jack

  • No Thank You

    Just say NO to the new tax, the costs will far outweigh the benifits. Its a shame they had to marry the Jail with all the other projects…….the jail is the only project that might actually have merits!

  • what to do

    having facilities takes dollars. get it done!

  • stonedigger

    Give me an exact ending day when the tax will stop, then I would consider voting for this. The last 3 projects the city has done had a sunset date, why can’t this project have one as well? Otherwise, the county will continually keep adding onto the projects and this tax will never end.

    • Si

      That’s a fact….Jack

  • d

    Definitely two NO votes here. Enough is enough. Sounds like the state is not going to sunset their sales tax. Write or call your state senator and representatives and tell them to hold true to their word on the sunset. Thank our infamous Governor for that one.

  • just a taxpayer

    What is the cost estimate of the project? or projects. It would have a better chance of passing if the cost estimates and the sketches of the buildings were made public. Mr Sund likes to keep taxpayers in the dark about what it is he is up to. Remember buying the Commerce Bank eyesore that is over 50 yrs old. Giving away the most prime piece of real estate in Hays, Kansas was one of his best mistakes. YES we do need a jail and ems building and several other things but let us do it the correct way. Let the people see what they are going to get; that is the way to get something passed. The Ellis Co voters do not have their heads in the wind. It will take a lot more publications, etc to get this thing passed. Remember the City of Hays and Ellis County are two separate entities and have different goals & services to provide. Mr Sund needs to remember that when he talks about the tax coming in after the sunset of the sports complex tax. He is supposed to be managing the county.