Oklahoma Governor Kills Fourth Amendment Bill

In politics, nothing happens by accident. If it happens, you can bet it was planned that way.
Franklin D. Roosevelt

A bill to protect the VI Amendment rights of Oklahoman’s, which enjoyed very strong popular support, was in essence killed by Gov. Mary Fallin (R#. The bill #HB1556) would have required the police to secure a search warrant before using drones to conduct surveillance of citizens and would have prohibited the placement of weapons on non-military drones.

Due to pressure from the governor’s office the bill was put “on hold until next session”. The facts suggest it will never see the light of day.

The reason for the pressure is that the governor #and others# have a vested interest in having drones and the drone industry in Oklahoma.

OK is in the running to be one of six states the FAA will choose to be a drone testing site.

The Unmanned Systems Alliance of Oklahoma #USA-OK# was setup in 2009 to sell the idea to make OK a principle player in the blossoming unmanned aerial systems industry. USA-OK is a state chapter of the Association for Unmanned Vehicle Systems International #AUVSI#. It looks and sounds like a trade association except that according to the USA-OK web site it’s members “represent Oklahoma industry, academia, and government.” Yes it is a “public private partnership.”

The organization and management of this effort is not by citizens but by “stakeholders” in the industry. Each of stakeholders can anticipate securing some benefit whether financial or political by pushing UVSs.
If you look at the process by which USA-OK came about you will notice the same pattern that was and is being used to set up Regional Planning Organizations /Councils #RPO# which are being used to implement Sustainable Development and its property and Liberty robbing “Smart and Comprehensive Planning”. First, a “summit” is held #2009 in Guthrie for the UAS push# to explore the prospects .

These “summits” are attended by industry, government and academia “stake holders”. A second “summit” is then held #spring of 2010 in Lawton for OK’s UAS push# and along the line there is an organization left in place to perpetually push the agenda #USA-OK for the UAS in this case#.
This is close to the same method used to push Obama Care down our throats. Recall it was industry “stakeholders” and the government that set up exploratory counsels and commissions to decide what was best for us #in their opinion#. Of course what is “best for us” generally includes our losing our money or our Liberty or both!

Gov. Fallin was one of the “conservative” Republicans that tried to sneak Obama Care in on the OK citizens just like Brownback did #and is doing # in Kansas. Brownback was involved in setting up of the Together We Succeed Southeast Kansas Economic Improvement Initiative #TWS-SEK#: Project 17 which is a regional governance mechanism to implement Sustainable Development in Kansas. The contrivers held two “summits” with “stakeholders” and of course decided to set up the planning council TWS-SEK. The bait was “free federal dollars”. The price was Liberty.

In 2011, Gov. Fallin created the Unmanned Aerial Systems Council and appointed its members. They were all “stakeholders” #parties with a vested interest#.
I note that a major objective of these UVS “stakeholders” is to make the program / industry as “lean and green” as possible. Neat, the politicians have found a way to promote Sustainable Development via the UVS.

Fallin’s and the legislature’s holding this bill up because of the VI Amendment protection provisions clearly show there is an aspect of crony capitalism involved and they put their political interest ahead of the citizens’ rights and their own oath of office. Shameful.

Perhaps the UVS will give Fallin and Brownback a chance to work together to undermine the Republic. Wouldn’t that be wonderful!

I notice part of the object of the program in Oklahoma was to establish a drone fly corridor.

Those in Oklahoma should note that an effort has started by a RPO in Kansas, The Flint Hills Regional Council under the Frontier Project, to establish an Eco-Region comprising the tall grass prairie. This Eco-Region will run from north central Kansas to north central Oklahoma. The military is involved and part of the justification is to protect military bases in the area #Fort Riley# from human encroachment so they can maintain their national security mission which appears to be to get as many drones over the heads of U.S. citizens as possible.

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