Tune-up Saves Time

lawn mower 2The first day of spring is next Wednesday, March 20, and it will soon be lawn mowing time again.

About 30 people took advantage of Saturday’s clinic at Fort Hays State University  to have their lawnmowers tuned up for the season.

The fundraising idea for the Agri-Business Club comes from the advisor, Craig Smith.  “I was a student at Kansas State and we did this,” he said.    It went over very well in that community.”

The Techs Education Department donates the use of their shop in Davis Hall.  Members of the Agri-Business Club do the work.

“Most of us are farm kids,” says FHSU senior Craig Zerr, “and we’ve grown up working on machinery. For $40 we do routine maintenance–blades sharpened, put in a clean air filter, change the spark plugs.”

Yearly maintenance is a good investment, according to Smith.  “Most of the mowers brought in cost between $200 and $400.”

There’s a hidden bonus, he says.  “A sharp blade will make cleaner cuts to the grass, which will result in a nicer-looking lawn.”

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    I didn’t know this was being done. I would have gladly paid $40 to tune up my lawn mower! Great idea!