Hays Teen Faces Up To 100 Months in Prison

Tre Carrasco’s birthday was last Sunday. Ellis County Attorney Tom Drees told Hays Post the teenager turned 18. Carrasco has spent every day in jail since July

Tre Carrasco  March 13, 2013

Tre Carrasco
March 13, 2013

1, 2011. He pleaded no contest this week to 1 count of sexual battery and 2 counts of aggravated battery of a 57-year old woman in Hays. The incident took place in the 2900 block of Country Lane.

“He had been charged with aggravated burglary. That charge was dropped and replaced with the additional count of aggravated battery,” Drees explained.
Following a pre sentencing investigation next month, Carrasco will be sentenced.

Drees said, “Under the terms of the plea agreement, Carrasco faces up to 100 months in prison.

  • http://hayspost Arthur Doyle

    He appears to look very smug.

  • Hays

    Glad to see progress being made so the victim can put this behind her. What a mess…and what a nightmare.

  • Chris

    Hopefully he is far from Hays when his 100 months are up. Send the scum out.

  • Bob

    Early release for good behavior plus time served, he could be out in no time.

  • passin threw

    all the signs of a serial rapist or even worse and he’ll get out in 3 years…..

  • Beilman

    This guy should be put away much longer than he was sentenced for…he began as a juvenile window peeping…broke into my home (tresspassed) and touched my young teenage daughter. He was in middle school when he did these things…he got a slap on the wrist….a few years later…rapes a woman and God only knows what else! Do you really think a few years in jail will rehabilitate this scum…I think NOT!!! I get soooo angry when I relive what we went through and can’t even imagine what that poor woman has gone through!

  • SMH

    Beilman…I have seen your posts ALL over facebook and I think it’s time for you to stop! What do you think you look like going all over posting the same thing over and over and over agin….DUMB! Yea we all have read (At Least 7 Times)about what he was accused of with your daughter(Real Mature Let Me Point Out) but their are 2 sides to every story. You have NO idea what went on during this case. With your rude and judgemental comments maybe you should get your facts straight about THIS case before saying anything. Let me tell you this LADY you have a lot of nerve talking about how his “piece of a mom” is… look at you! I Dont even know you or the family I am just and outsider reading in and you look straight up DUMB! I do however know you daughter from back in the day and let me point out that she wasn’t the little princess that you are making her out to be!

  • dougie

    I didnt see her call her daughter a little princess or ever close. Sounds to me like he has too many incidents that are according to you basically a “coincidence” ??? Get real! This guy is a repeat offender!!!! Now I cant be certian but I thought I read before DNA was used as evidence in this case? If DNA was used I feel comfortable this man is guilty and you are just crazy.

    So I must ask…if he was found in Beilman’s home then what is his side to the story?

  • to smh

    Ya know you have a lot of nerve coming on here and saying stuff like that., yeah maybe her daughter wasn’t a princess what high school kid is? But she didn’t ask for this creep to come in her room. Ppl need to know what he has done.

  • SMH

    Exactly WHAT HIGH SCHOOL KID IS!! You just said it yourself! So what ground do u have to stand on coming on here commenting! To Dougie… Maybe you should go and read the othe 6 locations that she posted bashing this kid INCUDING her daughters status! Maybe just maybe there is more to the story then they are leading on is there Beilman? Cuz you now people “hear” a lot of different things for example:like the daughter didn’t want to press charges. This may or may not be true but that is just something I heard just like the rest of YOU! And DOUGIE I do believe I was on the post a while back where there was a break in case involving a black man AND 2 white men. But you only seemed to bash the black guy acting like you knew everything about that case too! Man are u just some special person that the police tell every detail of there investigation to??? So am I right to just “assume” that you have something against black men?

  • to smh

    For one he wasn’t in high school and there is a difference between high school kids drinking and doing stuff like that verses breaking into someones house and trying to touch them. I know this family and she never once said she didn’t want to press charges.

  • SMH

    Hey that’s just what I heard… And whatever you hear HAS to be true right?? That’s what you all are saying! Isn’t it funny how the rapes are still going on while he is sitting in jail? Man we must have an outbreak of people who are raping! You never read about those do you? Yea cuz Hays wants the people to believe the caught the guy! Score for HPD RIGHT!

  • dougie

    I only have a problem with violent criminals. Does DNA lie?

  • SMH

    Hahaha Dougie.. Where did you hear that the DNA was his?? From your neighbor or friend down the street? Did you actually go in and sit at one of his court dates and hear that they DNA was his? I highly doubt it!! So maybe you should get your facts straight before you go out saying the DNA was a match because buddy you couldn’t be farther from wrong!!

    • passin threw

      couldn’t be farther from wrong???? doesn’t that mean he’s right? i think you meant to say “farther from the truth”…..so you’re saying an innocent lil boy went ahead and plead guilty? hahahahaha on that

  • Immaturity

    I’ve had enough of it. Look. He got sentenced to 100 months, right or wrong. Leaving comments on Hays Post is not going to make the judge change the sentence. Its funny how people become noble activists behind a screen but probably wouldn’t say a word in public. If you wan to voice your opinion about something, don’t sit behind a keyboard. You don’t see revolutions starting on Hays Post, and never will.