Grain Bin Engulfment Rescue Demo Impresses Farm Teens

grain entrapment“I used to play in grain bins when I was a kid,” says Daylin Carlson, a freshman at Stockton High School who is also an FFA member.

“I didn’t realize it’s so dangerous.”

That was the eye-opening lesson for  the FFA high school students from Stockton, Hays and Russell attending Wednesday’s annual Ag Safety Awareness Program (ASAP) at the K-State Ag Research Center in Hays.

Most of the students have been around farming equipment most of their lives.  They know it can be dangerous.

Still, the Grain Engulfment Rescue Recovery demonstration was intense.

This is the first time the mobile demonstration trailer  from the K-U Kansas Fire & Rescue Training Institute, Lawrence,  has been part of the ASAP program.

“It’s paid for with a $90,000 grant from grain producers across the state who saw a need for educating local fire departments and grain-handing facilities workers,” says Ed Morrison,  Programs Manager for Technical Response.

Department of Labor statistic show that working in grain bins is one of the most dangerous jobs in what has become America’s most hazardous industry: agriculture.

“A lot of the pictures we saw before the demonstration were pretty gruesome,” says Hays High School senior Andria Buchholz.  ” I know getting trapped in a grain bin could be bad, but I didn’t know how bad.”