Election Date Set for County Sales Tax

vote-buttonThe date has been established for the special election for Ellis County’s half-cent sales tax ballot question.

The election will be held May 14th, and County Administrator Greg Sund says if the voters approve the tax, it will sunset when all of the costs associated with financing the project have been paid. A specific sunset date will not be set because of uncertainty about how much revenue the sales tax will bring in each year, but the sales tax will sunset when the $14.5 million in bonds are paid off.

The ballot question states that the sales tax would be collected for “the purpose of financing the costs to acquire, construct, remodel and equip improvements to the County Courthouse and Law Enforcement Center and a new EMS/Rural Fire Building.”

Sund and commissioners will visit with the city councils in Victoria and Ellis Monday, asking them to relinquish their share of the sales tax to the county. Hays already has agreed to do so.

  • http://hayspost.com expensive

    This seems really expensive, especially on the EMS & Rural Fire side of things. Rural Fire by law has the authority to raise money through property taxes from the people who actually us the service. Why do they need my sales tax dollars for this?

  • Hays

    NO, will be my vote. I think I’m taxed enough already.

  • a

    This sounds a bit open ended and expensive. Whate exactly is the dollar amount they want before they would sunset the tax? I’m gonna have to vote no.

  • vince


  • Hays Citizen

    Why wouldn’t you vote for a tax that will allow everyone that visits Hays from out-of-town help fund projects for the city of Hays and Ellis County. If this does not pass and they raise our property taxes to fund these projects then only people in Ellis county end up paying. These projects are going to happen either way. The county and city of Hays have spent to much time and money planning these projects for them to decide not to proceed if they get voted down. So, do Ellis County and Hays a favor and vote for the sales tax increase so all the out-of-town shoppers helps fund these projects. I will have to agree that it is very open ended as to how much the tax will generate and when it will sun set. I would like to see a cap on the funds this can generate or some kind of date put on it as to when it will sun set. JMO

  • stonedigger

    I would like to see an exact date this tax will sunset. Otherwise, the County could continually remodel and upgrade any facility and never get these projects paid off.

  • http://hayspost.com Cost VS Benefit

    If you do a cost vs benefit analysis for the people living West of Yocemento and East of Toulon the costs will far outweigh the benefits. Those areas already have adaquate fire stations and EMS stations which interestingly are not even as nice as what Rural Fire Company #5 and the EMS Station #1 (Hays based Stations) have now. I would guess that there are very few people in the jail from these areas as well.
    Also this new station will not help fight a fire or save my life any better than now without this station!

  • Hays Citizen

    You can run all the analysis you want the bottom line is these projects are going to happen whether you think you will benefit from them or not. The decision being made with the sales tax ballot is who is going to pay for it. Why would you vote “no” for a sales tax increase that would allow all the out of town business to help pay for these projects. Please give me a one good reason why this is worse than raising property taxes. Which if this fails is the next thing that will happen. Besides, everyone is use to the sales tax since we have been paying it for years to pay off the sports complex.

  • Rob

    hays will always have high sales tax because they don’t know how to not spend money, the buildings they want to build are over kill and it doesn’t benefit any other towns in Ellis county except hays. Hays always wants more, but never wants to give anything back.