Alert: Bank Scam

Sunflower Bank has received reports from several customers regarding an automated phone scam that tries to trick you into revealing your debit card information via your cell phone.

If you receive an automated phone call from the phone number 000-000-0000 asking for your debit card number, PINand/or your CVV code, please do not provide any information. Simply hang up and notify the bank as needed.

Please contact us immediately at the bank at 888-827-5564, if you have received a call similar to this and provided your card information to the scammer during the call. Your card will need to be closed and reissued.

Bank 001

•Never give out your sensitive personal information in response to any incoming phone call you receive.
•If you do receive a call asking for sensitive personal information, do not provide it. Instead, hang up and call the phone number located on your bank statement, in the phone book or located on their website to find out if the entity that supposedly called was legitimate in their request.
•Remember, as a best practice to protect our customers, Sunflower Bank never requests sensitive customer information, such as personal identification numbers, passwords, debit or credit card numbers over the phone, in email or by text.