City Considers Lawn Watering Permit Changes

Water Restriction 001The City of Hays is proposing changes to the newly seeded lawn permit process to encourage homeowners to use water more efficiently.

Currently when the summer water restrictions are in place from June 1st to September 30th, residents who plant new lawns can get permits to water during the restricted time. City Manager Toby Dougherty says the change would restrict when permits would be issued for certain types of grasses.

Newly planted lawns with cool season grasses could receive watering permits from August 25th to September 30.

Permits for warm season grasses such as buffalo and Bermuda would be issued from June 1st to August 1st. Watering would still be permitted before noon and after 7 p.m. The commission will consider the changes next week.

  • think please

    We should NOT allow any outside watering until the drought is in the rear-view mirror. If Hays is serious about wanting to have drinking water in the future- quit dancing around the issue and STOP allowing people to consume fresh drinking water on LAWNS! Newly seeded lawns should be replaced with concrete! Is Hays serious about conserving their water???

  • I agree

    The only grasses that should be allowed are bermuda and buffalo. They are the only ones that stand half a chance of surviving. Bluegrass and fescue require more water than is available. If water has to be pulled from Cedar Bluff to recharge the well field at Schoenchen then ALL outside water use should be banned.