Huelskamp: 4 out of 5 Approve

Congressman Tim Huelskamp reported poll results today from his monthly telephone town he recently conducted in the Big First district. During these live town hall events, Congressman Huelskamp asks the listeners to participate in poll questions. Below are unscientific results from the February 26, 2013 poll questions asked during the telephone town hall.

Similar to results in early 2012,Screen Shot 2013-03-06 at 2.05.50 PM nearly four out of five constituents approved of Tim Huelskamp’s work in Congress. Last week’s poll also found that 63% of constituents supported keeping the sequester cuts and only 37% disagreed. And, 95% of respondents said they preferred a government with lower taxes and fewer government programs than one with higher taxes and more government programs.

Congressman Huelskamp released this statement about the telephone town hall poll results:

“These strong approval ratings indicate that Kansans strongly support my efforts in Congress,”said Congressman Tim Huelskamp.  “They don’t trust Washington insiders and bureaucrats to solve things, and they want a smaller, more efficient federal government. They know—and I stand with them—that the future of our nation lies with the creativity and resourcefulness of the American people, not the government.” 

“I am thrilled to have the opportunity to talk directly to constituents of the Big First during these telephone town halls. I was sent to Washington to serve their interests and my voting card belongs to them.”

  • Walters

    HA!!!!!!!! All this means is that 4 out of 5 people who attend your town hall meetings approve.

  • Willie

    Did he just call his friends and family?

  • http://hayspost american

    I hang up when he calls , he only wants to hear from tea party menbers. if i asked him about his $1,670,000.00 in crop substies he would hang up on me

  • http://hayspost american

    How about a town hall meeting on a saturday or sunday when working democrates are off of work to ask him real questions. HIS TWON HALL MEETING ARE ALSO IN THE MIDDLE OF THE DAY WHEN ONLY RETIRED OR ON WELFARE PEOPLE CAN SHOW UP , SORRY ABOUT THE CAPS LOCK

  • InsideOut

    I always hang up when I get one of his calls. Most of my friends do too. This is a rigged poll.

  • Tired of Huelskamp

    Got one of the calls while at work.
    Was tempted to answer but didn’t and it wouldn’t have made a difference anyway as I was given no option to vote.