County’s Adviser Projects Sales Tax Revenue

el co courthouseIf Ellis County’s sales tax request is approved by the voters, financial adviser Piper Jaffray says it is projected to bring in $3.5 million a year if all of the communities agree to surrender their shares to the county as the City of Hays has.

County Administrator Greg Sund says the company also has projected conservatively that the bond issue to fund the projects could be paid off in five years based on the sales tax estimates.

Sund and county commissioners are going to talk to the Ellis and Victoria city councils on the 18th.

A special commission meeting will be held Wednesday to prepare the public presentation for the sales tax election. The meeting will be at 4 p.m. in the basement of the Law Enforcement Center.

  • Bad

    What a big, bad, expensive idea all this is. The Citizens of Hays and Ellis County need a break for awhile.
    I wonder if people in Ellis realize that this will put there sales tax rate at 8.8%?
    That is getting pretty darn high!!!!

  • Conservative

    I think there are going to be some really rough times ahead for us. I hope the voters do not approve this, every little bit the taxpayers get to keep helps.
    Think about a person who makes a $100 purchase in Ellis is going to pay almost a extra $9 in sales tax.
    That really starts to add up!!!!!!

    • Really?

      Both of your posts are inaccurate. It is a half cent sales tax that will be added. This will change the tax rate from 8.05% that starts April 1 to 8.55% back to what it is now. That added half cent sales tax is only 50 cents more per $100. That is hardly a difference in onsidering the added benefit the couty would get with the renovations.
      Then look at the time value of money and consider how much more it will cost inthe future if the half cent sales tax does not pass.

  • what a waste

    really ???? yes it will raise the sales tax in Ellis even higher because Ellis is already at 8.3% add another half cent and Ellis will be at 8.8 % If people are stupid enough to vote for this increase in light of the current economy in this country , God help us when it all comes crashing down

  • me

    you guys would be crazy not to vote for it. why not let the out of towners who comes to the Town help pay for it. if you guys don’t vote for it. the county will get the money by raising your property taxes.

  • what a waste

    let’s see, the federal government is raising taxes,the state is raising taxes,the county wants to raise taxes,the Ellis school board wants to raise taxes ( 10,000,000.00 for sports fields etc) , We are paying more for milk,bread, hamburger, gas, clothes and all kinds of other daily expenses….. and you wonder why I am not in favor of voting to raise a sales tax………