Sports Complex Sales Tax to Sunset

bickle schmidt sports complexAt the end of the month, the sales tax approved by Hays voters to build the Bickle Schmidt Sports Complex will sunset. The sales tax will go from 8.55% back to 8.05% at midnight on March 31st.

The tax was approved in 2008 and is expected to collect $11 million. City Finance Director Kim Rupp says the voters approved $8 million for construction and the additional funds are set aside for continued maintenance.

Retailers need to start charging the 8.05% tax beginning at 12:01 a.m. on April 1st. That tax rate is broken down with 6.30% going to the state and 1.75% to the city.

If Ellis County’s sales tax question is approved by the voters, the rate in Hays would again be 8.55%.

  • Good :-)

    A lower Sales Tax is good for business and consumers!!!!! I hope the voters of Ellis County realize this!!!!!!

  • No more tax

    Nobody should vote for the sales tax increase the County wants. They are going to try to push all this though by putting everything ie. jail/court house/ems/fire department on one ballot. Don’t let them get away with it! First is was to be for ems/firehouse which I thinking is obsurd. After figuring out that they may not get that voted through, they added the remodel of bank building for offices, then they added that the jail is too small. Anything to get the stupid millions of dollar fire station built!~

  • d

    I agree with No More Tax’s statement of not passing and supporting the half cent sales tax. It is ludicrous. When will it quit? Never. Belly up and propose a bond issue with exact amounts/costs not guesses. The electorate is tired of paying for the unknown in the case of the jail, EMS building and all the other things the commissioners are wanting to add to the wish list.

  • a

    No more dang 1/2 cent sales taxes for awhile, give the residents a break. Vote NO. I would rather have spent the money from the sports complex on our EMS, then adress the jail and then after the necessities of our town and area were taken care of worry about a sports complex.

  • weeden

    Let the sun set.

  • don’t care

    I’ve emailed the county commissioners and Mr Sund about my concern of how this will affect my business and not one single reply. They just don’t care that higher sales tax means less business.

  • passin threw

    so the tax being lifted is going to hurt your business? that has to be the dumbest thing i’ve ever heard…..chances are your business will fail either way since the ceo of your company has less brain capacity than a slug snail

    • Bob

      No one said that. Apparently, you cant read and comprehend English.

  • Tax

    A previous article from the Hays Daily stated that a protest had not been filed concerning the issuing of the $14.5 million in bonds. If that is true, the bonds can be issued since the protest deadline has past (Mar 5). So the question becomes…does one one to pay back the bonds with a sales tax or thru property tax. A vote no to sales tax = yes to higher property taxes. At least that my understanding of the bond issue.