Jail Planner Presents Needs for Ellis County

jail barsIn studying the inadequacies of the current Ellis County Jail and criminal justice data, a criminal justice planning firm has projected the average daily need for bed space in the jail.

As the county prepares for renovations, Aaron Baggarly with Carter Global Lee says the projected daily population in 2025 is 58, but the bed space in greater. Baggarly says to cover highs and lows, as well as, space for inmates who have been sentenced, the jail needs around 91 beds.

Baggarly says the two options are renovating the existing jail and adding an annex for around $10 million or building a new jail for approximately $12 million. County Commissioner Barbara Wasinger says due to costs the county is looking at some form of renovation.

  • Ron Johnson

    It would be smarter to build a jail to house more inmates than our current needs. That way we house other inmates and charge for the space and possilbly make up some of the cost. Instead of adding on to an existing space and be out of room before it gets completed.

  • http://hays.com You got it

    I agree to just build for today is not insightful at all. The city will continue to grow and the needs of the jail will increase at the same time. We are the center city of western Kansas. Makes good sense to build a bigger jail now. Then we can charge to house out of town prisoners to off set some of the costs. Dodge City did it right why can’t Ellis County see the future? Why must we always spend money on these surveys to then make senseless decisions?

  • EN

    I agree. The county commission is willing to spend 10 million to renovate an old facility that even with the architect’s addition plans isn’t the greatest layout for the jailer’s safety as well as the safety of the prisoners. Why not spend an extra 2 million and get a brand new facility that would accommodate even future growth if needed? Doesn’t make much sense to me at all.

  • EN

    Plus with the proposed addition to the jail what will that do to parking in that area? I can’t imagine that it would help the already limited parking in that area.

  • Free Thinker

    Maybe we should ask why we are putting so many people in jail? Perhaps some of our laws need to be taken off the books.

  • Really?

    Build a new jail. Why in anybodies right mind would you want to expand a jail in a downtown improvement district? To makr money, you must spend money. For once ellis county, lets do something right the first time. Give back a little to the emergency responders that bend over backwards to help you out no matter where you live.