New Site Offers More Options for CVB

Hays CVBThe Hays Convention and Visitors Bureau has unveiled a new website.

Executive Director Jana Jordan says along with photos, a community calendar and information on sites and amenities, visitors to the website can sign up for notifications on their specific interests.

The site was developed by Civic Plus out of Manhattan. The website can be found at

  • Location, Location, Location

    Glad to see Hays’ LOCAL CVB used a Manhattan company to build its site. It’s hard to image there wasn’t at least one capable local business (if not several) that could have benefited from this project. I just visited the site and, while it looks nice, the functionality is terrible. Hover over “Things to Do” and this huge menu pops up. Try to move to one of the items within that menu, and you are directed to back to the main page. Hover over the next menu tab, “Places to Stay” and try to access one of those menu items. You are directed back to the “Things to Do” menu. So far, completely worthless.