Alert: New Designer Drug

MollyA drug that is part stimulant and part hallucinogen has been found in eastern Kansas communities, and Regional Prevention Specialist Kari Sparks with the Smoky Hill Foundation says parents and law enforcement locally need to be on the look out for the drug called Molly.

Molly creates the symptoms of an amphetamine and ecstasy. A person on the drug may have dilated pupils, flushed skin, cracked lips, rapid speech, sudden changes in emotion and the tendency to touch.

Emergency room personnel are having trouble treating reactions to the drug, which can result in death.

Molly is also referred to as Boom, Lady Ex and Night Life.

  • Hmm

    Alert: This is not at all a new drug. Been around for quite some time.

  • Drugs

    Isn’t it like crack, cocaine, meth, and a few others mixed?? Wow, why would anyone think that sounds tempting??

  • Not Hmm Ymmm

    I just scored some the other day over in Munjor but your right once i get my hands on it, its not around long. I like to call it picklejuice because that what ladies seem to crave after doing just a tiny little ridiculous amount

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    To “Not Hmm Ymmm”… it would be too funny if The Post handed the sheriff’s office your IP address, and let you spend some time with Bubba in the Ellis County Jail, as well as your dealer!

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  • oh boy here we go

    I always look forward to classy comments section posts like these.