Hays Police: Lots of Traffic Accidents

Police - Hays 001The Hays Police Department responded to six motor vehicle accidents on Tuesday, according to the Hays Police Activity Log.

The first accident was reported as a personal injury accident in the 400 block of East 6th Street at 6:37 Tuesday morning. The second accident was reported in the 200 block of East 17th Street at 7:59 a.m. Tuesday. Officers responded to a third motor vehicle accident reported in the 100 block of West 4th Street at 8:08 a.m.

Officers investigated a report of a motor vehicle accident with private property in the 1700 block of Vine Street Tuesday afternoon at 1:30. A motor vehicle accident, with an animal, was reported in the 400 block of West 20th Street Tuesday afternoon at 4:09.

The final motor vehicle accident, involving private property was reported in the 100 block of West 7th Street at 8:50 Tuesday evening.

  • BB

    Maybe if the city would clean the snow off of the side streets, there wouldn’t be so many accidents!

    • http://hasyspost maybe

      Maybe people should slow down in these conditions.

      • S

        There do seem to be a lot of people that do not drive more carefully or slower for the conditions.
        However, the side streets do need cleaned. Still. I can’t tell you how many times I have come close to hitting someone or being hit in the last few days. All becuase of all the snow still on streets that are not the emergency snow routes. The emergency is over, the main routes are clean and don’t need to be continuously plowed, it’s time to start on the rest of the city. Residents need to be able to drive down their streets without damaging their cars or running into people.

  • Nuts

    I think the city has the Obama mentality, it will melt someday..might be the biggest excuse in the world saying we dont do residential streets so cars dont get blocked in their driveways. The streets are horrible still and many cars cant go down the streets. How about the city looks at changing the policy on this lazy attitude. I bet there are 2 guys in 10 trucks driving around Hays looking at the snow, waste of time and money is the city crew.

  • Nice

    I was in Stockton yesterday and was surprised that every street seemed to be cleared.

  • Quit complaining

    The city is not allowed to go down residential streets for this storm. They did not have enough man power and equipment to take care of the residential streets when it would have been beneficial. They are now pack and icy and would be a waste of resources to touch them now as it would do no good. Unless you want your property taxes to shoot through the roof to allow for more equipment and man power, then your residential street will not be touched. You all will complain either way. It seems to be the only thing people are good at these days.

    Thank you to all the city workers that worked 12+ hour shifts to keep up on the snow routes. You did a great job and ARE appreciated!!

  • quit complaining needs to go back to work

    Sounds like you are a city worker taking one of your many daily breaks, go back to work and get off the web…They did a horrible job and now you say they are done? You are right, Stockton must have more plows and staff to clean their streets. Our taxes already through the roof so this is why they have the money to do a good job instead of blaming other reasons why they cant do a good job-THE OBAMA WAY-

  • a

    I just got a txt update from the city that they are going to apply brine and try to melt and soften some of the side streets and attemp to plow what they can. Just an FYI.

  • S

    I have no issue with the residental streets not being touched DURING the storm or right after. The emergency snow routes come first. But at this point, something should be done. We are residents of the city. They are city streets.
    And apparently, someone else feels the same way (or have realized that the people of the city feel the same way) as they are brining the residental streets today and sending the blades through.
    Do I expect perfect, clean streets? No. But if they can help some of the snow packed streets, fantastic!

  • Quit Complaining

    Not a city worker and don’t know any of them personally. Just trying to show so dang appreciate to those that are working and bring a little reality to those that don’t understand how the government works. There are things such as limited resources including a budget!

  • me

    so you mean to tell us that the roads are snow packed and icy? none of the roads have melted and are all slushie to where you couldnt just drive down and scrape thst sh#t off! it would make it a lot easier so people and sliding into each other! just saying

  • passin threw

    anyone traveling fast enuf on the rough sidestreets to have an accident now is a total idiot and has no respect for their own private property anyway…..some people would complain if ya hung them with a new rope

  • Just Curious

    I am so thankful this conversation is coming to a head!!!!, I responded to a shout out a couple of weeks ago with this same topic, but never saw the feed back do to it going off the page……..my thought exactly HIGH TAXES and no snow removal when we get ample amounts of snow………It’s not about not being appreciative of the hours they put in or what they have cleaned so far, but my point was snow routes are nice and all if ya live right off of one, but you still have to be able to get to the snow route first!!!!! These roads suck, and are tearing up vehicles, I’m sorry but it is pretty bad that I still need to have my vehicle in 4 wheel drive to get down my street, or that my kids had to help push out the Jimmy Johns Delivery vehicle cause he was stuck across the street!!!!!

  • Thanks

    Very appreciative of the work put in, but I agree….we pay high taxes and would be nice to drive a vehicle down the street without it sounding like the bottom is being ripped out beneath me/my family and that’s in a minivan. One lane trafic on the (two-way)streets = dangerous. Getting high-centered in an intersection=dangerous.
    I’d rather my tax dollars go to that than a sports complex or some other “non-essential”.

  • anonymous

    Perhaps the DMV should stop giving licenses out to those elderly who do not pass the eye exams because they “feel bad” the police are constantly looking for speeders and duis but never stop an old lady who pulls out in front of everyone because she can’t see!

  • …………….

    If they plow the side roads everyone will be complaining that the plows got there car covered in dirty snow or that the plow pushed snow into your drive that you cleaned either way the city cannot win. I do not work for the city and have many complaints about how things are done but this is a problem they can’t win, somebody will not be happy either way.

  • http://hayspost Who is going to pay for my realignment

    Plow the streets!


    LOL its kinda funny how people can complain and talk about the dumbest things mmm snow removal.. seems like we have better things to talk about then that. Like our military overseas who can not see snow they only see sand,,, and that is just one topic of many. Seems like people just waisted 20 to 40 breaths of there life complaining about snow removal…

    • S

      Are there issues in this world larger than snow removal? You betcha. But does this affect us? YES. I am expected to be at work to do my job, I am expected to have my children to school at a specific time. How do I get there? By traveling the streets of this city. The city has the means to fix the issue. I don’t have extra money to repair my car becuase of their negligence!
      And any time someone has an issue with something it’s a pretty low blow when people think it’s necessary to throw out the military card. We know they make sacrifices for our freedom. Life still goes on here. Cities still need to run. After all, isn’t that why they are overseas, whey they can only see sand and no snow?