February Restaurant Inspection Report

Food safety and lodging inspections are unannounced, and inspection results represent only those conditions found in the establishment at the time of the inspection.

The Shady Lady Saloon, 105 W 9TH ELLIS, KS 67637

Inspected on February 9, 2013

Hand Drying Provision.
[no single use hand drying provisions provided at the bar hand sink    Dinner Plate fork knife

5 partial bottles of liquor contain insects

employees were unaware of the insects in the liquor

the inside bottoms of the keg cooler contain liquid spillage

Casey’s General Store, 213 WASHINGTON ST, ELLIS, KS 6763

Inspected February 7, 2013

P – Chemical Sanitization-Quat concentration (200ppm or manufacturers’ spec)

P – Separation for Retail Sale-not above food, etc.

[in the back storage area, backup for retail, is bottles of liquid charcoal lighter stored above case of individual straws, lucky charms and cinnamon toast crunch snacks. Liquid downy stored above packages of donuts, cheez-it snack and candy.

use utensil storage-on cleaned/sanitized surface

[the ice scoop is stored on top of the ice machine.

Physical facilities clean

[the floor inside of the customer reach in cooler/walk in cooler has

accumulation of spilled liquids and papers/debris]

Ellis High School, 1706 Monroe, Ellis, KS  67673

Inspected February 7, 2013

No Violations

Long John Silvers, 3380 Vine, Hays, Kansas 67601

Inspected on February 18, 2013

No Violations

Nonfood-contact surfaces cleaned at frequency to prevent buildup of residue, in the cabinet under the cobbette warmer is spilled liquid

Fiesta Mexican Food, 501B VINE ST,  HAYS, KS 67601

Inspected February 13, 2013

No food temperature measuring device on hand.

Pf – Sanitizer test kit, owner electing to use bleach water as a sanitizer but has no test strips

on hand.

Fiesta Mexican Food, 501B VINE ST,  HAYS, KS 67601

Inspected February 23, 2013

No Violations

Lincoln Elementary, 1906 Ash, Hays, KS  67601

Inspection on February 6, 2013

No Violations

Augustine’s Bakery, 1305 MAIN HAYS, KS 67601

Inspected February 19, 2013

P – Food from approved source
[packaged noodles not from inspected source (homemade) COS

taking home for personal use and if using noodles in future will start making in this establishment for use.

P – RTE PHF, Disposition-discard if dated >7 days at 41°F or less

[container of cooked bean soup,dated 2/1, one container of homemade chicken salad dated 2/8 and one container of commerical made potato salad dated 2-12 with a use by on container of 2-5, all held greater than 7 days, located in the two- door

Nonfood contact surfaces of equipment clean
[dried on dough splatter under motor arm above mixing bowl on dough mixer.

Roosevelt Elementary, 2000 Macarthur, Hays, KS  67601

Inspected on February 15, 2013

No Violations

Hays Middle School, 29th & Fort, Hays, KS  67601

Inspection on February 8, 2013

No Violations

TMP High School, 1701 Hall Street, Hays, KS  67601

Inspected on February 18, 2013

No Violations

Fail Notes 6-501.12(A) Physical facilities clean
[the inside upper south wall of the dining room walk in cooler has

accumulation of debris]

Washington Elementary, 305 Main Street. Hays, KS 67601

Inspected on February 6, 2013

No Violations
the double sink one of which is used for handwashing, both leak gray water. maintenance called and assessed.

Holy Family Elementary, 1800 Milner, Hays, Kansas 67601

Inspection February 18, 2013

No Violations

Wilson Elementary, 101 East 28th, Hays, KS  67601

No Violations

Plumbing system maintained in good repair
yesterday replaced the heater, today the backflow valve leaks.

Delta Zeta Sorority, 410 W SIXTH HAYS, KS 67601

Inspection on February 19, 2013


Food storage containers identified with common name of food, one container, identified by cook/housemother, as sugar with no label name of food

  • hmmmmm

    Great job USD 489!!!

  • Jermaine

    Never heard of a restaurant called Fiesta Mexican Food..

    • hmmmm

      I believe this is the one by Dominoes Pizza.

  • http://Someoneevenpostedlastweekhowchildish&immatureyouwere,Iassumeyoualreadyforgotaboutthat? No name

    Bugs in the liquor bottles that’s pretty bad!!!!!!!

    • http://hasyspost maybe

      Perhaps they were the worms in bottles of Mescal.

  • Augustine

    Disgusted by Augustine’s selling old chicken salad with mayo. Dangerous. They’re so rude every time we used to call, we just quit ordering from them. Maybe that’s why they can’t get their food used. Besides, they’ve always said their potato salad was homemade….homemade by another company!