City Addresses Snow on Residential Streets

snow on streetTo try to hasten the snow melt, City of Hays Public Works crews have been applying a salt brine to the residential streets. The forecast for slightly warmer weather and the brine mixture is expected to speed  the process.

Motorists are advised that this could create more ice potholes for the short term. Crews will then send blades through the areas to try to level out the rutting.

An attempt to reduce the refreeze in some intersections will be done by moving some of the piled snow. This should help drainage from the melt.

The city says these actions are being taken due to the large amount of snow and does not signal a change in policy regarding snow removal.


  • a

    3….2….1……Lets hear the complaining. Seems like somepeople on here cannot be pleased!

  • Rob

    sounds like the cities way of saying too bad, live with it. we have your tax money but you will not get any services out of us.

    • Reality Check

      Really??? You didn’t see the crews out 24 hours a day during the snowstorm, keeping the snow routes clear?? If you want every street done, you’re talking about 3x the manpower and the accompanying expenses of more trucks, plows, gas, etc. You think your taxes are high now, if they did everything you want it would be unbelievably high.

  • weeden

    How about people clean their sidewalks already.

  • no one is happy

    pissed if they clear side streets and fill your driveway, pissed if they clear side streets and snow pack cars on street, now, pissed because they did neither.

  • Resident

    Yay! Finally!

  • Because I can

    people need to understand the city can only do so much. they work there a$$ off and you all want to trash talk. 17″ of snow and a budget they have to work with, please people give our city workers a break, they can only do so much! thank you City Of Hays bc our streets could be worse off. Keep up the hard work of making city what it is.

  • http://hayspost Who is going to pay for my realignment

    Plow the residential streets!

    • realignment

      Move to an emergency snow route street then you don’t have to worry about your street not being cleared. You can only do so much with 17″ of snow and stay in budget.

  • Uncle Thomas

    I dont believe I have ever seen a city worker work “their A$$ off”. The take every break owed them and then some. What we have is poor management, but we get what we pay for!