Community Corrections Programs Help Reduce Jail Crowding

jail barsNorthwest Kansas is the only community corrections agency in the state with a bond program. The program was put in place in 2007 to help with jail overcrowding, and since then, Director John Trembley says nearly 550 offenders have been released on bond supervision.

While Ellis County still has to jail inmates out of county, allowing some out on bond while waiting for trial, saves the county about $1,200 a month. Trembley says 90 percent of the offenders on bond were eventually sentenced to community corrections.

Northwest Kansas Community Corrections also provides a methamphetamine treatment program, started in 2002. To date there have been 201 addicts in the program.

Trembley says meth is one of the biggest drug problems confronting his department. He says the laws restricting pseudoephedrine have cut down on labs in the area, but the supply is still there.

  • hays

    i understand our jail is BEYOND capacity. but a large number of ppl on corrections are REPEAT offenders who need a lot more than “checking in with someone” style freedom to teach them a lesson!

  • Uncle Thomas

    I believe some of these addicts want to recover and would not benefit from time in prison. I believe Mr Trembley may be the best shot they have at life! I do agree their could be more stringent monitoring, but then I am sure Mr Trembley is only allowed so many corrections personnel and must operate within a budget.

  • cc

    All of these people on corrections are to report so many times a month to their officer. Where they do a UA (drug test) to make sure they are not using. And they do have a good number of surveillance officers who check in on them as required. They are given UAs and a breathalyzer then too. They have curfews, have to get jobs, go to counseling or treatment programs. Some have gps monitoring and alcohol monitoring bracelets. All of them have requirements they are to follow. The purpose of community corrections is to try to get the repeat offenders the right help in order to keep them from returning to jail and prison that can’t hold them.