Cedar Bluff Water Release, Not So Fast

The Kansas Water office postponed the controversial water release from Cedar Bluff scheduled for Monday.

Tracy Streeter, Director of the Kansas Water Office told Hays Post, “We are taking a wait and see approach. With the cold weather and the snow, we decided to wait and release the water at a later date. We are monitoring the melting snow.”

Streeter also said they had some concerns about excess snow in the channel that might prevent the water from flowing where it is supposed to go. The release will use virtually all of the 1,247 acre-feet of water left in an artificial recharge pool, or approximately 406 million gallons.

KS water logo 2KWO says the release will drop the lake .4 ft or that is 4.8 inches. Stay tuned to Eagle radio and HayPost for or more information on the release when it is available.