A 10% Budget Cut at FHSU?

Should Fort Hays State University take a 10% Budget Cut? A state representative from Newton wants FHSU and all Universities in Kansas to consider taking a budget cut.

The House Appropriations Committee on Monday endorsed Gov. Sam Brownback’s higher education budget, but several committee members voiced disapproval about spending levels at public universities.

Appropriations Committee Chair Marc Rhoades, R-Newton, asked why higher education couldn’t take a 10 percent cut?FortHaysState Rarick

Rep. Ward Cassidy, R-St. Francis, who chaired the education subcommittee, said the committee felt the universities were doing a good job. He added, “The governor stressed not to touch higher education.”

Brownback’s budget essentially keeps higher education funding flat with several enhancements, including $10 million over two years to help build a medical education building at the Kansas University Medical Center in Kansas City Kan.

  • Tyler

    I guess my question to Mr. Rhoades would be how much of his education was paid for by State funding?

  • http://Cindy Cindy

    Mr. Rhoades is a college instructor. However when you visit this website: http://votesmart.org/candidate/biography/66067/marc-rhoades#.USz16uvwK4Y you will see that he clearly withheld his educational background. Something is amiss.

  • Uncle Thomas

    I believe there are cuts that could be made, I do not know about 10%. I believe all these scholarships that are handed out should include drug testing. Anytime someone receives free money we need to make certain they deserve it.
    I have also “heard” employees of the state universities children can attend the university their parents work at for free or greatly reduces and still obtain scholarship money. They can in essence make money for going to college. I believe a free ride is enough and they should not be eligible.
    Can anyone clarify my hearsay? Of course some of the scholarships may not be our tax dollars…never the less they should go to hard working drug free students!